Baja Aragon


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Starts today...

Posting a specific thread because there is an actual American in the event!!

Yes, partnering with the South Racing Team (one of the largest privateer efforts in RallyRaid) Austin Jones (USA), son of Jesse Jones, as a driver and Rene Hernandez (MEX) are entered in a Can-Am Maverick X3 running in the Spanish Championship UTV class. SS1 is today and about 13km long and later today.


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Christine Giampaoli Zonca is also racing with South Racing in a Can Am. She is with Dynamic Racing for US races. 3rd driver in a Can Am is Abdullah Zubair from Oman who raced a T2 Nissan patrol with Saluki Motorsport at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. He crashed heavily and injured his spinal cord but luckily got back to racing. This year he was in an older Hilux with South Racing in Abu Dhabi. Looks like Abdullah is getting ready for Dakar...

E. Araiza

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Yeah, looks like Christine made friends with Jesse Jones and both went together as a team... Will see how they do!