Baja Beach Bash - #113x Luis Garcia update


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Jennifer, Grant (our 9 year old), and I went back to Baja Wed.-Sat. to tie-up some loose ends post Baja Beach Bash (see the Bikes section if you don't know what the BBB is).

In case you don't know... Luis Garcia is the young motorcycle racer who was seriously injured at the Baja 500 when he hit a civilian car that was traveling backwards on the racecourse.

On the BBB we tried to get some of the group together (Cameron Steele, Johnny Campbell, Colton Udall, Anna Cody, myself, and a few others) to go visit Luis but we simply ran out of time and were unable.
Looking back, it's a super bummer we weren't able to get over to see Luis with a gang of racers and celebs. It was heavy. It would have been so cool for all of us to have been there.

So Wednesday morning we made arrangements to meet Luis (thanks for the help Speedy).
At Luis’ modest Ensenada home was his mother, father, grandmother, two brothers, and wife.
Luis and his wife have 2 young children - currently staying with in-laws due to the full time care Luis needs.
Luis has a small dirt bike repair shop located on the street behind the home and is the provider for his family. Right now Luis’ brothers are pitching in to keep things going at his bike shop.
This kid lives and breathes dirtbikes.

What can I say about the visit.… I'm kind of at a loss for words.
It was really special.
Luis’ wife looked to be holding back the tears when we handed her the envelope of cash and get well card. I know Jennifer was choked up.

We visited for almost 40 minutes and talked about the accident/injuries, the tough road ahead for Luis, as well as about family and our common friends.

We let them know the off-roading community is behind them and praying for Luis. All of the family really lit up when we explained how Luis is being supported on many message boards, by bike riders as well as truck & buggy racers, and that we received donations from as far away as Texas (names of all who donated were on the card too).
I really believe they didn’t realize so many people were aware of Luis and are out there wishing them well.

Luis suffered extreme injuries. It’s been 6 weeks+ since his accident and he’ll be in for more surgeries. He’s not out of the woods yet by any means. His healing will be long and rehab longer.

Due to the generosity of fellow off-roaders online (primarily thru ThumperTalk and Race-Dezert) and at the Beach Bash riders meeting, we were able to collect $1830 for Luis.
I’m sure we’ll be doing more to help Luis too.

We want to give a special shout out to Pat Dailey. Thanks a ton for your generous donation!

Johnny Campbell also promised an autographed jersey – this made his eyes light up and he gave a thumbs up and big smile. By the time the Baja 1000 rolls around I’m sure Luis will be up and around and he’ll get to shake the hand of many of you (and get a photo taken with Johnny I’m sure).

Sorry about the crummy photo quality.
Wow, I knew that pic was bad but now that it's full size it really sucks!


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Great job Tim!


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Someone just asked me about his injuries. The list was so long that I lost track but here's some of it;

Broken Tib and Fib (compound)
Broken femur
Pelvis broken in 4 places which cut off the circulation to his leg/foot (still an issue)
Broken hip
Three or four broken C vertebrae
And something else happening with his back but i couldn't follow that so well

As you can see he has a Halo with 4 bolts in his head and also a device that holds his hips/pelvis with 4 bolts into the pelvis