Baja Bound Moto & DA Baja Beach Bash with JCR


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OK I admit it I glom onto big rides like this. I knew as soon as I read about this ride I wanted to be in on it. This ride was better than I expected. First, Tim, Jim, Chilly, Jenn with Baja Bound Moto, Cameron, Lobster, Big Daddy and other chase truck dudes a huge thanks to you!!!! I mean you guys pulled out all your tricks, trucks and Baja mojo. After a relaxing day (Day 1) in Ensenada walking around town, checking out the fish market and a couple of bars with local KTM buddy Dave. I settled in the San Nicolas bar to "prep" for the early morning drive to Acambaro near Uruapan. The place is perfect to park your rig and start you ride. It seemed to take awhile to get everybody together but when we rolled we were good for 3 solid days. I opted to ride Chilly's revenge cause I was feeling good and got the top and didn't want to go around. Made it down through the ravine with just a scare and bump to one of Chilly's rocks. Good to go! Off to awesome riding through beach trails, rolling hills and a shot around Daves diving board! All good to a truck stop lunch with chicken salad, and tuna salad with the fixings enought for 75+ people (WOW) and then raced the 3rd heat with a quick exit in the Circle race on a wobbly 650R in the soft sand.
Onto more riding taking in ravines, dunes, single track, double track around the salt pits and open beach riding capping an epic 140 mile day ending at San Quentin and the Old Mill hotel. First time there, very nice people and they didn't stress about us taking over the place. 67 bikes and 5 support vehciles. Had a great dinner at Don Eddies and took in the sunset over the bay with a couple of adult beverages. Day 2 AWESOME.

Saturday Morning Tim and Jennifer with Baja Bound Moto pulled out their tour catering expertise and set up a carb loading spread of muffins, bagels, fruit, energy bars and COFFEE! Thanks, that was very cool of them as they were the first ones up and had if all going for us. Prepped and cleaned up we proceeded to the Hill Climb there was a little mist in morining and within 5 minutes It was like we had ridden half a day, but not a problem we were in for a show. The 3 girls and the regular riders got to tackle the hill before the pro's. I thought the dirt and hill was going to get chewed up but it was like a decomposed granite and as soon as you got through if seemed to re-level itself. I got about 3/4 of the way up before I pulled off. It was cool to compare yourself to everyone as each rider pulled off when they couldn't go any further. Uhh Jennifer Morton was about 50' higher than me as she pointed out when I stopped. Next time!!!! The pros were awesome in the climb, skill definately showed there was fine line on keeping the bike going, but they just kept climbing.

After the competition onto two track and fast rolling hills leading too the infamous Red Rattler Trail. We geared up with energy bars extra water and set out to the "car wash ravine". A very tight single track track trail crowded with bushes, catus, scrub and tree branches everything was going good until I stalled the BRP just after some black stinky mud and before a steep little ledge climb. The BRP and me didn't see things alike and after raising the body temp a few degrees and thinking I am turning into "THAT GUY" Chilly man comes over to get me going. I relieved as I get up into the breeze again cruise up to he base of the hill climb. So Red Rattler is around 9 miles long and right in the middle there is like this 400' dam with a crossover start and then on to a rocky uphill with 1 or 2 lines and a lot of agave looking cactus balls and they were solid. (Scotty B parked his BRP right on top of couple of them) The beginning was causing some problems because of one large rock and couple of smaller ones close by as you traversed the hill before starting up. There was some down time waiting for the group to catch up and then to get everyone up. Entertainment was provided by Colton Udall and Ron Wilson and a few others who tried to make some new lines up the hill. Colton and few others dialed it in a couple of times on a steep uphill off camber around some shrubs, rocks and cactus showing us all an option getting up. Wasn't going to work for me, those guys dug their bikes out the bushes a few times. I needed to save my energy. The cool thing to watch was how Johnny Campbell was helping get the riders including myself up through this tough bottom section, and he was there for most everyone. Still he, cam and chilly and few others worked to get a stubborn KTM going and up the hill. Once they got it started Colton got the honors to get it up the hill I think it was about his 10th time. This hill is now being referred to as Carnagie Hill.

It was a good couple of hours to get everyone over and onto the rest of the ravine. Once though it was onto the Santa Marta Orphanage and donating some cash to a worthy cause, those kids were pumped and it was cool to be part of. On to Coyote Cals, pulling up just as the sun was setting over the ocean. A good 12 hour day and 110 miles. Coyote Cals laid out a great dinner and has an awesome bar area all overlooking the ocean with fire pits spread around the place. Writing this I'm feeling about the same as I felt Sat. night one more day and some cool trails ahead. First onto the Foot-down competition which was entertaining but goes against my normal Baja strategy to minimize potential damage to the bikes. But except for some pointed verbal abuse and little physical abuse all the the bikes make it through. Best moment was Johnny Campbell getting in Cams face and giving him some tips on how to finish and represent. Cam did, and one other note Cam can flat out ride he was usally last and always a little pressure on with the cameras on all of us checking him out. And I don't know how Johnny got through rocks after trail doctors Tim Morton work Tim had a little vendetta as he had shown everyone the best line on BRP but was called back as he made it look to easy. Ultra smooth Chilly was the winner. Onto the riding, the rest of day was epic single track up and down ravines and then through Tim's Tunnel of Love which gave the bark busters, cables and helmets a good work out. Probally the funnest short day of riding I've had.

Looking back at all the riding and fun from someone who doesn't ride enough, but likes to have a challenge. This was everything Baja has to offer with people who know how to get around and do it safely and all the hospitallity the locals have to offer. I can't wait to park my truck at Acambaro and get after these trails again. Jonesin soon I'm sure. Thanks OUT...
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Re: Baja Bound Moto & DA Baja Beach Bash with JCR - still lots of fun left in Baja

Spread the word that you can still have a good time in Baja - despite what the evening news says. Businesses like BBM and the local Mexican hotels and restaurants need people to realize that you can still have a ton of fun down there and that the biggest danger is that traditional foe of all offroaders - the disconnect between your brain and your throttle hand!:D


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I understand there alot of racers on this site who kinda prerun or no run Baja, but this ride was to show some goodwill to Baja and get the word out that your can still go down and have a good time (besides what you read or hear). This group was made up of alot of PROS, veterans and a few newbies but the thing was to get down there and get some business to the people who are there for us when we ride, because really are they not the greatest hosts!!!!!? Baja is special, it is not like riding from San Diego to Vegas, haaa you can't---not dirt anyway. Try Encinitas to Santa Barbara along the bluffs and beaches, crazy talk,-- but Ensenada to San Quintin, yeahhh--I think you now know what this ride was about. It was about pumping up BAJA and as always having FUN. Thinking I'm ready for ready for another ride. No disrespect to the racers--I haven't raced down there yet! (P.S. I did actually see a couple of the cheater lines)