Baja bug hood scoop?


Apr 5, 2009
Philomath Oregon
Im building a baja bug with a subaru engine and Im wanting to mount my radiator up front and add a hood scoop to my 1 piece hood but ive never done any fiberglass work before. I made the mold for the scoop out of florist foam but not sure how to go about attaching the mold to the hood.


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Nov 14, 2008
Sky Valley Ca.
Attaching the scoop to the hood shoud be easy if the hood is fiberglass sand the area to be bonded with a 36 grit paper clean areas with acetone and bond the two pices with Laminating resin , you can laminate the two surfaces while bonding with fiberglass MATT not cloth (also a substute is "bondo glass" short FG hair ) sand smooth and touch up with bondo.
If you are bonding fiberglass to a metal hood do the same but secure the scoop with pop rivets while bondong the scoop to the hood then laminate with fg. matt to blend and make seamless.
Beware FG to metal eventualy cracks at the intersection of the two materials.

There are many aftermarket hood scoops available on the internet most under $100 some just pop rivet on ( from the underside of the hood and inside the scoop making the rivets invisable )and fiberglass work is not necessary if a seamless look is ok.
This would work best for off road due to vibration

I dont understand some of your termonolgy so let me give you the sequence .
1) your foam part is your Model, you cover the foam with white glue , apply fiberglass matt to the foam part , sand smooth finish rough spots and shape with bondo untill the part is ready to be painted same as auto body work , paint to a smooth surface, you now have your finished Model
2)you make a mold off of the model
3) you make your part (Scoop) from your mold
4) you install your Part to the hood

Fiberglass is easy work you can always fix any thing you mess up so dont be afraid of it
It will be easyer to install a aftermarket scoop , you will save money and time , carbonfiber ones are availble for $100 check out circle track magizine look for dirt late model part suppliers

If you chose to make your own part give me a PM and I will run you thru the sequence of making your model then your mold then your part....
If you choose to make your own go for it just be paitent their is no reason why you cant do it