Baja Bug spindles. . .what does all this mean???


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Aaaaagggghhh. . .who knew a Baja Bug's suspension could be so confusing!!!

I'm looking at the available spindles and I am confused. . .about the only thing that I understand is that 0 degree and 2 degree are referring to the caster angle.

When the Foddrill website gives the option of tapered for the spindle I thought maybe it was referring to the steering arm being taper-drilled/reamed for a Chevy tie rod end, but then the choices are 5/8, taper, or double shear (I know double shear is a good thing, but what is being double sheared?) so now I am just super confused.

What is the difference between a Combo spindle and a Combo Link spindle? Kartek shows options for Foddrill Combo spindles and Foddrill Combo Link spindles (and the Foddrill website has next to no information about the product in the description. . .).

What exactly is a KingKong spindle? What is larger/heavier duty, is it the king pin, the link pins, or both?

I see there are KingKong drop spindles as well; I can see that the spindle location is dropped, but it doesn't say how much. Also, I can see that the kingpin sticks out both the top and bottom of the carrier (I think that terminology is correct) on the non-drop spindle, but the kingpin does not stick out the bottom of the drop spindle (there is only one picture so I can't see the other side). . .what's the deal there.

I don't live in an area where there are a lot of Baja Bugs. . .nor are there any shops that specialize in desert builds so I can't just pop into a shop like you guys in So Cal can and look at stuff; and again the "Baja Bugs and Buggies" book doesn't really talk about this stuff. . .

Thanks for your help!


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Ask for Jeff Black at Kartek. He has been selling beam stuff for north of 20 years