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Baja Concepts


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Well gentlemen, I'm new to this board; directed here by sirhk100. Anyway, I've a question for you concerning the 4-wheel-drive Ford kits from Baja Concepts. I'm looking into getting a widened TTB giving 4" of lift and around 3" wider per side. What can anyone tell me about the Baja Concepts widened TTB kit? I know it gives 6" of lift (more than I want) and I'd like to know if it could be modified without immense difficulty to only give 4 or maybe 5 inches of lift? Also, how difficult would it be to adapt this kit to use 2.5" coilovers (probably Sway-A-Way)?

John Bitting

Very interesting. Just checked out BajaConcepts website did not know they offered that stuff, Since I am building a Bronco, It seems very reasonable. Let me know what you find out or what anyone already knows about it. You can e-mail me personally. I know Camburg and Donahoe make really really nice 4wd stuff. Just wondering how BajaConcepts stacks up.. If anyone is running it or has good pics, Please e-mail them to me..


- users no longer part of the rdc family -

What BajaConcepts is selling is either from Camburg or Donahoe. They don't make their own stuff.

And Joe-

Yes you can use the TTB they sale and only put 4" of lift in. You will just have to run different alignment cams. You can also put coil overs on real easy. I would go with the red ones and talk to Kreg Donahoe. If you want to know why send me a private message. I can't tell you on this board.

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the baja shop in orange just installed one of these "kits" about2 weeks ago, they were also installed using sway-away coil-over shocks.with a coil shock you can adjust your own ride height.


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I saw the 4x4 kit this summer when I went by their shop to see Rich. It looks really impressive. I dont know who made it, but it was really well done. Looks really nice.