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For immediate press release…

California City, CA – BAJA DESIGNS has joined the PURE HI-DEZ OFF-ROAD SERIES as its “Official Lights Company” for the Series and as such it is also posting a $500.00 Cash award to the “Overall Points” winner for the first event of the Series, the PURE HI-DEZ #1 – February 27, 2021. BAJA DESIGNS is also posting $350.00 in product for First Place in Class, as part of their Contingency program.

BAJA DESIGNS Overall Points Award will go to the race vehicle that earns the most points for this first event. Computation of “Points” include points earned in Qualifying, Overall Finish in the Race and points earned in Class for the first event. When combined all three the highest points total, will win the $500.00. This also means that the Overall finisher for the race will not necessarily win the BAJA DESIGNS cash. Again, this award is based on consistency in every facet of the race.

Lou Peralta, promoter of the event stated, “We want to do something different with our Series. That’s why we are combining certain classes to make it even more fun to race. We are also introducing a scoring program that will take into account consistency in all three disciplines: Qualifying, Overall Race Finish, and Class Finish.” BAJA DESIGNS joins us because we have once again enjoyed their support and also their support of many of the racers. Consistency in their lights is their primary thrust to support our Series. Introducing our race in February, when it will start getting dark, perhaps on the last two laps of the race, is very important for some that will have to deal with the transition from daylight into night. Our start/finish areas and finishing impound locations will be lit by the Big Baja Designs flood lights. This will be the third year that BAJA DESIGNS has been supporting our events and we know many of our racers also support their product. Moreover, they are also posting $350 in product for First in Class, as part of their Contingency program with us. Lights must be on at the start of the race and working when tech’ed at the finish.”

We are also taking into consideration that any class that has 10 or more entries will race against their own Class. We will separate them from any combined Class structure. “We are fluid,” Peralta said.

Regarding the first event, scheduled for Saturday, February 27, 2021, Peralta addressed the fact that he had to postpone or cancel and number of events in 2020 and the first in 2021, “It seems that even though some events in our region that were BLM approved were able to execute, but because we use ‘unmaintained County roads’ we have run into trouble either directly from the State and sometimes the County.”

“However, we are pleased to report we have the greatest support from the City of California City, to continue to bring events to our area. In 2019, we boasted over 8,000 participants and crews and spectators to our events. That is people who came from elsewhere other than our City. We had hoped to continue to bring those numbers in 2020 but everyone knows what happened. Nonetheless, we keep trying,”
Peralta added.

Can’t forget PINE CANYON MOTORSPORTS that has also posted $500.00 to the Overall Finisher of the race. (Not necessarily the overall points winner.)


On-line Registration
ends, Thursday, February 25 at 6 p.m. Send your entry to: - After that the entry goes up by $100.

Tech and Check-in and Final Registration is on Friday, February 26 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Bar-B’s Ranch, 138th & Proctor Blvd, where the Start/Finish is located. –

RACEDAY - Feb 27, 2021 - Check-in opens 7 a.m. at Start/Finish.

Staging for the Qualifying round starts at 7:30 a.m. and First vehicle off the line starts to Qualify at 8 a.m. Each vehicle will be sent out in 30 seconds intervals. You line up and a start time will be assigned to you in the order in which you line up. Failure to qualify will earn you just starting points in the race.

The Qualifying lap is approximately 10-miles long. Your starting spot is not by Class but how you qualified. That’s how you will line up for the 11 a.m. start time. (Note the start time may change according to the number of entries either earlier or later.)

The lap is 40-plus miles long. You need to complete all six laps to be a finisher. There is a 6-hour time limit to complete six laps.

For more detail and the “Racer’s FINAL INSTRUCTIONS/RACE MEETING, please go to for exact details. You can also contact us at



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