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California City, CA – January 5, 2016 – Lou Peralta, owner of AVE/BP RACING announced today that Baja Designs has signed to become the “Official Light Source” Manufacturer for the 2016 PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES. In doing so, Baja Design becomes another major company in 2016, to take a leading spot in sponsoring the company’s fourth year of producing events exclusively for UTV/SxS vehicles.

According to Lou Peralta, owner, and promoter of the six-event series, “We are delighted with Baja Designs joining our effort this year. They are as pumped-up as we are about our series and not only producing the products that most racers would love to have but they, too, will field several teams to compete throughout the year.”

Race Director Alan Bell also said, “Besides these guys are racers. They know what the racers want so there’s no bull behind what they offer. They test, they race and then they make it available to the racers. That’s a good combination to have.”

Baja Designs will be attending every event of the series and will be on-site not only to offer great deals for their lights to racers but they are also committed to posting contingency throughout the year. Here is their Contingency Program:

Contingency payout for winner of each class noted during the season.

Super 1900 - $100 gift certificate – 1st Place

Pro 1000 - $100 gift certificate - 1st Place

Pro 900 - $50 gift certificate - 1st Place

Bone Stock 1000 - $25 gift certificate - 1st Place

Sportsman 1000 - $25 gift certificate - 1st Place

For the Night Race, 9PURE #4) July 16th: In addition to contingency payout for that event.

Overall Winner - Baja Designs RZR XP1K Headlight Kit w/ Squadron Pros. $1,000.00 value

2nd Place - Baja Designs RZR XP1K Headlight Kit w/ Squadron Sports & (1) Interior Dome Light.

$650 Value

3rd Place - Baja Designs 10" OnX6 light bar. $430 Value.

4th Place - Baja Designs (1) Pair of Squadron Sports. $220 Value

5th Place - Baja Designs Interior Dome Light.$60 Value

• Racer must display Baja Designs decals visible on both sides of vehicle.
• Racer cannot run competitor’s decal or product.
• Racer must be registered for Contingency/Tech.

For Twenty-plus years Baja Designs has engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive lighting. The first product developed was a Dual Sport kit that made a pure off-road motorcycle minimally street legal. This intimate knowledge of motorcycle electrical capabilities led to a natural evolution to engineer the first HID motorcycle race light. Owner/Lead engineer Alan Roach and Product Development Engineer Stephen “Tex” Mitchell were avid Baja 1000 motorcycle racers who were able to fine tune a motorcycle’s limited light optics to maximize rider comfort, speed, and safety. As a result, BD Lights have won every professional and amateur motorcycle and ATV Baja 1000 class for over 15 years.​

Racers can visit their site at Baja Designs | Off Road LED Light Bars And LED Lights where they offer technical support, discuss the “science of lighting” and, of course, sell you their great product. And by the way, if you are looking to hook up with a great company as a dealer representative, they are up for that as well.

The 2016 PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES consists of six events, from which the top five finishers by racer are used to compete for the Overall and Class Championships. All races will be in Southern California, primarily in California City, CA at the Alta Vista Ranch. Although we have been informed that there may be a mid-year surprise of a different race location. Just saying.

Dates for the PURE UTV Series are as follows: PURE #1 – January 23; PURE #2 – March 19; PURE #3 – April 23; PURE #4 –Jjuly 16 (night race); PURE #5 – September 10; and PURE #6 – October 22 (a double points race).

Current Series Sponsors are: PCI Race Radios, Lawrence Racing & Lawrence Equipment, Peralta Designs, Supercharger Films, AVR, and of course BAJA DESIGNS.

For more details, please visit: or contact them at – 661.524.1550 –

For the money, you can’t find a better organization to race with than AVE/BAJA PROMOTIONS!