Baja Designs !!


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I have had a similar experience with their amazing customer service, bought a headlight for a bike to pre run baja, some locals removed it from the bike, ripped the harness off the circuit board, got the light back, called in and told them what happened when we got home and was told they would fix it but I had to pay for repairs, no biggie. They sent they light back with a new circuit board and harness a couple days later with a 0$ invoice!!


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I haven't had any issues where ive needed warranty, but a while back I bought an XL Pro Dual setup on eBay using some ebay bucks I had saved, and afterward found out that my bike could do an XL80/XLRacer combo. I called and they told me to send in the setup and they'd change it out for the XL80 / Racer combo and only charge me the difference in retail price of the fixtures. No labor cost to wire up the new ones. No questions about where I purchased it. Didn't even ask if they had been used. Their customer service with some tech questions is also top notch, and their products are stellar. My non-offroad-junkie friends mock me for now only buying BD for LED's, but im a lifelong customer.


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I just spent a whole mess of $ with BD to outfit the Raptor, I LOVE these lights!!!
100% worth it for sure.

sand shark

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Because they compare the prices of my BD items to what they bought on amazon for their pod lights / light bars / etc. but then theirs fog, flicker, etc after a few months and I just laugh. Haha.
All I run are BD lights. Have several friends try the cheap Amazon route and probably spent more money buying different lights to only find out they suck and lenses get frosted. Most of them have seen the light and run BD lights.