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baja edge of control Hidden Discoveries


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Cabo San Lucas

1. Turn right at the first street and head down the road. After you cross the bridge head left towards the dunes to Cabo Wash.

2. Return to where you started drive straight down the road and find Downtown Cabo.

3. Continue on the road until it crosses a highway where it'll turn to a single lane. Follow single lane road it'll dead end at a large building, drive in the carport/valet area to find A Golf Course.

4. Go back toward the town and take the highway left. Ride along the coastline until it seems to turn opposite the direction you started going when you first turned onto it. Veer left off the highway to follow the coast and look for a neighborhood of houses on the hills to the right. Once you see them there should be a paved road that curves to the right and up behind the houses. Head up and look for a strret on the right that dead ends on a round paved pad which is Backyard Pools.

5. From there jump off the cliff and head back toward the highway. Turn left onto the highway and follow it until you see a big white building on top of a hill to your right. Head up to it to discover Don Juan Mendoza's Compound.

Canyon De Chelly

1. Go straight down the road for about .2 miles until you see 2 blue barns. Dive between them and find Ron Ron's Farms.

2. Go back to where you started and head off following the road to a bunch of little buildings on the edge of a cliff. Look off towards the large mountain off in the distance with a paved road going up it with a huge tree on the top left side. Head towards the road going up the mountain and follow it up o where the road levels off with the top. Turn around and head towards the huge tree which is Spider Rock View.

3. Turn around and follow the road around the canyon about 3 miles or so. The road will go up a hill by a Progessive billboard. Pass the billboard there will be a dirt road to the right. Follow the dirt road up to Rolling Hills Raceway.

4. Head back to the highway and take a right. After a few miles you'll cross a bridge, keep goin forward down the road for about 2 miles where you'll see a BF Goodwrench billboard (it'll be the 2nd BF Goodrich sign PAST the bridge). Take the road to the right and go on up for a short bit and take a left up the hill. Once at the top turn around to see a farmhouse and a windmill, that's Valley View.

5. From there jump off the cliff and head down back to the highway. Cross it and drive straight line cutting through the trails and bushes. You’ll come upon a huge rock with an oval type dirt track around it. Playground SR21.

Canyon Lake

1. Follow the dirt road to Rattlesnake Ridge Track.

2. From #1 turn around drive to the water's edge. At water's edge head to the right, follow it around until you find Broken Bottle Beach. (Before the bridge)

3. Head directly away from water to get to the paved road. Turn left onto highway keep driving down until it takes the 2nd sharp right turn. Turn to the inside of the turn and see a small rise with cactus on it. Drive up to Lake View.

4. Get back on the highway continue the direction were traveling until you see the marina. Go down to the water's edge and follow it around until you reach Flip Flop Beach.

5. Look up on a jutting hill to see the white buildings on the flat mesa. Head towards them and when you get there you will get Lowell Observatory.

Cocono Island

1. Climb the huge mountain to your right. Climb to the very very top of it to find Top of the World.

2. If you look out big White Lighthouse. Head down the mountain towards the lighthouse, its @1.8 miles from top of the world to Lighthouse Lookout.

3. Drive to the highway near the lighthouse and turn right. It's a couple mile drive but keep looking to your right. Eventually you'll find a bridge that's blocked off. Drive through the barriers to find Bridge out.

4. Turn around and go straight over the terrain until you hit a small cluster of buildings, this is Capitol City.

5. Head back to the road and take a left. Another long drive but keep looking to the right for an island alone in the water with smaller islands in between with jumps on them. Drive towards the islands with jumps to find Island hopping.

Lake Powell

1. Drive toward the big power plant down the dirt road and meet up with the highway. Turn right on to the highway, follow down past the plant and after the sharp right there is a large tower with solar cells around it to the left of the road. Head over there to find Powell Solar Plant.

2. Go back to where you started or restart. Turn left from where you start, go straight through all the brushes until you come to the canyon. Jump into the canyon to find Antelope Canyon.

3. Turn back towards the highway and take a right. At the Cisco Burger Billboard, take a right onto the dirt road. Follow the road up to the hill. Follow the top of the hill to the left right on the edge to Lake View.

4. Look straight out across the highway at the lake. You will see the white sandy track in the near distance. Drive to it to get Whispering Winds Track.

5. Turn back to the highway and continue the way you were going when you came upon the Cisco Burger sign. After a mile or so you'll reach a bridge, cross it,and immediately turn left and follow the shore around to large peninsula with a bunch of trees on it. Go on it to find Juniper Hill.

Mongolian Rim

1. Go straight towards the Blue building and pick up the railroad tracks follow them along to Southern Mann Rail yard.

2. Turn left of the tracks at train yard to the water to Horseshoe Lake.

3. Turn around head back to the railroad tracks and head toward where you started. Keep going straight past where you started until you run into Hourglass Lake.

4. When you hit the lake turn around and take a right onto the highway. Follow it to just before the bridge, turn left and run up into the hills and forest to find Mongolian Speedway.

5. Head back to the highway, cross the bridge, then look to your left for a red barn and ferris wheel. Go there for Baltman Farm.


1. Head straight into town and find Laughin.

2. Turn left at edge of town and look for the big brown mountain. Drive to the peak on the left and get Granite Peak.

3. Go over the peak until you hit the highway and take a right to Primm.

4. Keep on the highway until it hits the next highway and turn left onto it. Follow it along, cross a bridge and drive into Parker.

5. A little to the side the Shopping mall by the river is a large berm which is Parker Run.

Painted Desert

1. Drive down the road and find Sand Snakes.

2. Continue down the road to the BF Goodwrench billboard. Turn left onto dirt road follow it up the hill.At the top of the hill veer to the right and go straight across the bushes until you find a large oval track on top the Mesa there which is Broken Axle Track.

3. Go back to the paved road and take a left. Drive down until you see the Socko billboard. Take a left towards the sand dunes to find the Coral Snake Dunes.

4. Continue past the dunes into a big oval and figure 8 track area that is Desert Playground.

5. Get back to the paved road and take a left. Follow it until you see a brown water tower on the left side of the road. Go up the hll with the flat top behind it to find Sunset Mesa

Uyuni Salt Flats

1. Turn around and take a right onto the highwa. Follow it until you see a large brown muddy area to the right. Turn into the mud and find Mud Pits.

2. Go back to highway and continue on until you see a red lake to the left. Jump in and discover Blood pond.

3. Pause and restart, then go left and get up to the high hill. Looking down at the waters you see 2 little lakes by the darker area you were at earlier for Mud Pits. Drive down there to discover Salt Flats Track.

4. From there head off to the right through another small lake and then over the highway. After the road there's another small lake Salt Flats.

5. From there head just off to the left of the way you came over the road again and look for the only large building on the map which sits upon a small hill. Drive to it and discover Uyuni Prison

Hope this helps. Enjoy
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