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Baja Edge Of Control


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Hey guys i just got my hands on a copy for xbox 360 is there anymore people here that are getting online.
I been racing with 2 different guys that are there everyday.
I just wanna check if there is more people that wanna go online.

My tags are gusv1977 on xbox live.



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Still have my copy....haven't played it in awhile...if anybody wants to add me my gamertag is cadwell75

Baja Ghost

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Doing Nevada Desert Challenge late March or early April. My tag BAJAMAN21 1 Rally and 3 Nevada tracks. Limited class no set up and unlimited class with set up.


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Baja Ghost and me used to host a racing series and a lot of people showed up but the servers can't handle that many players haha. I don't have an XBOX 360 but the first race was streamed live and it looked like it was a lot of fun.


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I still play this all the time on 360.

When I got it back in February, first thing I did was wait for the girlfriend to leave for the weekend ;), acquired Corona and jumped in a class 11 headed straight for the entire baja 1000 and loved every minute of it.

On 360 I'd be down for long ass rally races on weekend nights with RDC fo' SHO.