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I'm posting this for my friends, Jim and Lance Rhinehart. The important stuff is: Outdoor Channel, 8:00pm PST tonight, Baja in Havasu 1-hour show, #22 White Ford. I couldn't really find it listed, but he says here that it's on, so let's see how it stacks up... - Billy
Try to watch this TV Program on the Outdoor Channel (I think AT&T Ch 406 in San Jose area).... Xtreme International Off Road Race held in Lake Havasu in November 2001.

"Baja in Havasu" TV show air date changed one week to Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 11 pm EST & Thursday at 11:30 am EST - this change is to allow the network time to provide promotion for the show. "Baja in Havasu" will air on the Outdoor Channel! .

You can also go to this site (thanks to Chris) to see some pics of the Estero Beach race in Ensanada Mexico in October 2001. There are several pages.

(Our truck is in the Super Truck 2 class, colour is white now...driver is Lance Rhinehart, number 22 in both the Ensanada and Havasu race. Contributions of constructive criticism and US Dollars are welcomed)

National television is secured for the Xtreme series!
An agreement has been reached with the Outdoor Channel and Aero EFX Productions to showcase the 2002 Xtreme International Race Series. Baja in Havasu was taped for the pilot, one hour show to air in January [now February] on the Outdoor Channel. This will be the first show in a brand new thirteen week series of motorsports events to be televised on their channel. They enjoy 18 million subscribers, and their network is broadcast via satellite and is on cable systems. more information, and schedule as it becomes available. Note: all classes will be covered!

Just to let you know...the TV schedule (from the cable company and the listings on the internet) do not list off road racing tonight or tomorrow..however, I went to the Outdoor Channel Website...and (finally) found that Baja in Havasu will air at 11 PM EST tonight. It's under a thing they call Team Outdoor Channel (TOC) Speed Zone. So, logically, it should be 8PM PST...but who knows...the way they store and retransmit TV shows now.

I found the info at:

I don't see anything listed for Thursday @ 8AM EST as stated at the Xtreme International site...


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I am in Sbdno, Direct tv has a game show listed. Oudoor life network?

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