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Subject: Re: Ross
Date: September 12, 2005 22:44:08 PDT

I admire the tenacity of you all that still attend dirt road races north of the border. I gave it up years ago. Here are a couple of reasons why.
• The only tow truck one should encounter at a race should be painted in team colors and have a trailer or a snatch strap.
• Snow fence should be at the start / finish line and should be free from puke.
• The only 3 initials you should see on the sleeve patch of a uniform should be BFG.
• Prerunning should be how a racer familiarizes themselves with a racecourse: not practice for an LAX drop-off up the 405 Freeway at rush hour.
• The pile of trash should be burned at the end of the race and then the noncombustibles raked out and packed out.
• The only crowd control necessary should be at the start and finish (since the race starts and finishes in a city) and it should be handled by local authorities, glad to foot the bill in exchange for the gazillion dollars the race brought to their fair city.
• Other crowd control may be required by the same authorities where the racecourse crosses a paved road and large groups of asphalt people may congregate.
• The rest of the crowd control should be the responsibility of the drivers & riders with all the authority of the metallic projectile they are operating at their disposal.
• Weatherman should only have to deal with broken racers not broken spectators. (Spectators should respect the aforementioned authority and not need fixing)
• Support teams should be able to repair their broken racecar wherever it breaks. That is why "Race Support" is called "Race Support" not "pit crew".
• The terrain should be the "controlling legal authority"
• Most important to me, a pit crew should be able to set up a pit in a location that they will be sure not to encounter more than a handful of non-racers during the event. (With the exception of locals that are immediately pressed into service and therefore become participants)

Dear Clare,
May God bless you for your efforts in refuse removal. We love to ride the dunes and used to camp Wash 10. I considered my self the Wash 10 clean up committee. I would spend an hour or so every Sunday before packing up policing up the wash on our little Honda 300 trash hauler. I was able to make a dent for a few years. We last camped there in 2000. I did not ride on Sunday instead I filled seven 55 gallon trash bags. Now we no longer have to clean up the dunes ourselves, we just pay $90 per year and a company from Arizona cleans up for us all.

This sport has managed to attract some the worst scum in our society. I am not sure where they come from or who raised them. They span all age and socio-economic divides. Gender does not seem to be a factor in how much trash is left behind, either. The more pristine the spot the more crap you dump. The only deviation from the rule is if there are large rocks they must be coated in spray paint as well.

Two things are certain,
I am done picking up crap left by crap
My wife is correct, I should not own firearms.

Jones, off the soapbox

Subject: You can disown me, but these are my feelings.
Date: September 12, 2005 18:57:34 PDT

Just returned from working a pit at the Primm.

There is always a lot of BS about SCORE, race fairness, and BLM.

SCORE put on a great race. The BLM "golfed" (that is another four-letter word) us real good. We were the first pit as they came to (main) pit row. The pits were a spectator area. The spectators were all lined up against the snow fencing, and were infringing on our seven cars that would come in. Our crew asked them to move. After many tries on our own, Randy (Ross) called the Weatherman and told him that it was a safety issue. He tried to get the BLM to come and take care of the safety issue.

BLM never showed.

Finally a threat of "MOVE OR ELSE" cleared the immediate entry to the pits. The racecars were limited to 50 mph, for safety, but the BLM would not address the spectator safety issue.

The trash and drunks against the snow fencing was unreal.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the BLM was towing cars that were parked on the road by Pit B that did not have pit passes, (Due to each racecar being allowed only three pit passes). There were no "NO PARKING SIGNS" posted. After many hours of finding where the truck was, and collecting $500 to bail out the car, (Not including the ticket the BLM wrote) we were able to get on to racing.

Okay, you say that's racing?


After each race, regardless of the promoter, I walk the pits on Sunday morning to pick up trash, left by race teams. I do this for all of us because I want all offroaders to be able continue.

Well, when I went to pick up the shredded tires, etc, I came across a plastic bag left in the vicinity of the Baldwin pit. I could not lift it so my son was going to get the truck to pick it up. He said, "Mom, leave it alone, it is full of OIL! Someone drained their engine oil into plastic bags." If this was not picked up by SCORE, then the EPA would have to do the job and they would charge SCORE $30,000.

We are not supposed to bring pallets or anything with nails in it, or bottles into the pit. The BLM and the government make rules, they cannot enforce.
In the vicinity of the Renezeder pit there were pallets left.



Leaving at night is no excuse.

If you pick up after yourselves as you drop it, it won't be there in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love off-road racing and would die if we lose it.

If you want to reply to me, please reply in the forum, not privately e-mail me.
This is something I feel very strongly about and it should not be hidden.

Clare - UFFDA

PS, I have BLM stories, if anyone is interested.



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It always amazes me to see the crap people leave behind and who leaves it - but in 20+ years of going to SCORE races I've seen it at every race I've attended. It's pretty sad actually.


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gwm said:
It always amazes me to see the crap people leave behind and who leaves it - but in 20+ years of going to SCORE races I've seen it at every race I've attended. It's pretty sad actually.
it's also the same story every year about what such pricks the BLM people are and how we have no access to the track.Do you really blame them?pm


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I hope you people are paying attention. This is AGAIN a disgrace to the off-road racing community. It's actually a CRIME, committed by local racing teams. PLEASE clean up your act before there is no more racing in Nevada.