Baja Kits by Brenthel - Can-Am X3 Madness!


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Nov 26, 2018
Murietta, CA
Hello Everyone! I'd like to introduce myself to you all as well as my company! I'm Patrick, and I'm your Baja Kits by Brenthel sales Rep!


About Us

At Baja Kits, we live and breathe off-road racing. Our parent company, Brenthel Industries, builds and maintains Championship Baja race vehicles, provides race support, and designs some of the best off-road racing parts on the market.

Owned and operated by brothers Jordan and Jonathan Brenthel, Baja Kits has been building championship caliber parts by applying the latest engineering and manufacturing technology to old world craftsmanship since 2005. Because we equip our Southern California facility with cutting-edge technology and equipment and we employ highly-skilled designers and welders, we can build parts that exceed even our highest standards.

Our innovation and dedication to building high-quality parts has earned us the title of being one of America’s top off-road part manufacturers.
What Makes Us Different?

  • Extensive knowledge and experience: From 12 years of building the toughest off-road race trucks to conquer and win in Baja, we’ve seen it all, tried it all, and applied our extensive knowledge and experience to creating superior off-road parts for your truck.
  • Strict standards: We maintain strict standards during our manufacturing and quality testing processes. With the help of 3D CAD software and extensive testing, we build sturdy parts with precise fitment and the capability to perform flawlessly. Because of our high standards, we will not push out anything that’s less than perfect.
  • Quality: Because we create each part with performance, safety, and durability in mind, every single part sold at Baja Kits is of the utmost quality.
  • Customer service: Not only do we let the quality of our products speak for ourselves, but we also aim to provide stellar customer service. Most of our business originates from personal referrals, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every step of the way. That involves adhering to delivery timelines and not being afraid to show our passion for our products.
Insist on the Best

When it comes to selecting parts for your off-road vehicle, you can either settle on cheaper sub-par parts or insist on the best: Baja Kits.

We have some of the biggest professional clients in the industry (Fisgistics to name one) Catch it on the front page RDC news feature here: Fisgistics 2018 Can-Am X3

Now, I'd Like to showcase some of our Top Tier Maverick X3 products for you all.

Let the Engineered, Computer Designed, Laser Cut, Box Designed beauty of our products blow you away. (Check out these welds boys and girls:oops:)

Upper Control Arms

Lower Control Arms

Upper Arm Pivot Gusset

Lower Arm Pivot Gusset

Trailing Arms

Our Carbon Fiber Body Kit


In addition to all of our in-house made Baja Kits UCA's, LCA's, Trailing Arms, Gussets, and Carbon Fiber Body kit...
We also deal King Shocks:
2.5 Adjustable, ITB, Finned External Reservoir Fronts
3.0 Adjustable, ITB, Finned External Reservoir Rears

If you need Methods...
We got em!

Anything that you may need, any questions you have, any inquires you'd like to make, please don't ever hesitate to contact me directly.
We pride ourselves on our customer service just as much as we pride ourselves on our products.

You can reach me at:
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