Baja Mex 300 Pre-running


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Pre-ran second half of course twice Sat and Sun (Valley T to Independecia to BITD Pit 6). Very few people on the east side, saw motorcyclist Paul Krause and 4-5 sets of moto tracks, but no 4 wheel. Lots of evidence of recent thunderstorms. Silt bed west of El Alamo was packed and crusty - let's see how the prerunning chews it up. Usual ruts coming down into Uruapan area. With these sections being used in both the last Baja 1000 and Baja 500, it shows. Course markings already gone or hard to find going into and leaving Independencia - it does a couple of twists so race traffic will avoid the town. Pre-running officially stops at Pit 6, which is on private property and fenced in until race day. You take a narrow dirt road 4.5 miles to Hwy 1. Must be 10-12 gates to open and shut the last 25 miles....and it is HOT. At least 100 degrees in Valley T and Independencia. Not much new stuff, but because it's being run in the opposite direction than tradition, should be fun.

Any other reports? What did the Pacific side look like?