Baja, PAB and Baja Beach Bash...


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I went riding in Baja for the 1st time in May..."The Rip to the Tip". What an Epic Eye-Opening experience. Didn't know you could have that much fun and Freedom on a motorcycle...especially bein' a "California Dude" these days!

It was my 1st time riding in Baja...ever. 1500 miles of insanity, wheelies, brotherhood and almost goin' to jail!

So...two months later and a couple of sore knees from the Mammoth Mountain MX...I go to another "PAB" event...the Baja Beach Bash!

Ever find yourself lined up against Johnny Campbell and Colton Udall for a Race...a Hillclimb...a "Trials Competition"?

I did. Yup! Another Epic trip...

Ever heard of Brian Campbell? You will!

Ever take a trip with the "Baja-Bound-Moto" folks? You should!

I just wanna let you all know what an unbelievable group of good-folks you all are and that I'm forever grateful for the experience and friendship.

A special "shout-out" to the Steele Family...

Cameron and Heidi are the real deal...Booger's a lucky dog. Truly San Clemente's finest. Big Daddy, a.k.a. Papa-Steele, is responsible for making me laugh so hard that I've had beer shoot-out my Nose! Grant Steele? Don't try to race him...he's dangerous!

PAB is all-things "Baja"...Yes, he has all the toys: The Trophy Truck, THE Bas-Azz "Buggy", The Chase Truck(s) & trailers...etc., etc.;HOWEVER!

All his "Real-Seat-Time" is on a bike! Honda and Johnny should cut him a check 'cause he's glued to the seat of a JCR-450X!

Thanks, again, PAB...riding in Baja is absolutely the MOST fun I've had on my scooter.

(He and Bruce Hendel, El-Pimpus-Maximus at VP Racing Fuel, are responsible for my addiction to Baja!)

There are threads of the Beach Bash here at RDC (In "Bikes") and over at ThumperTalk (In "Baja") with plenty of pics!

See you all in Baja!

Manny-Official "Squirrel of the Baja Beach Bash"! Yup-Got me another Trophy!


RIP Lusk & Ox
thx u for update the stroy i think very fun


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This years 1st ever Baja Beach Bash was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!! with over 70 riders showing up (and in todays economy, that says a lot about how much passion people have for riding) we had a blast! The course layed out by Tim Morton ( Cameron Steel (DEZERT ASSASSINS) and with Johnny Campbell on board, had multiple trails for even the most beginner rider. Not only was this ride VERY organized and every rider kept track of, it was also the best trail ride I've ever been on in MXico. We raised a ton of money for the local orphanage and Ranchers who help support all of our riding down there. Let's face it, without their support, alot of land could be shut down to us for riding so it's important for everyone to understand that Racers & Ranchers association is an important roll in all of Baja riding and racing.
Nuff of that, Back to the good stuff!!! My bike suffered mechanical problems towards the end of the 2nd day and had to be trailered. Tim pushed me all the way into town where two of the chase trucks were already there to pick me up. I was EXTREMELY pissed off and after tossing my goggles to a couple of local kids and taking thier picture, I jumped in the truck with Jamie Campbell and he started telling me all kinds of crazy stories about his brother (Johnny Campbell) to which I vowed to keep secret. LOL That pretty much calmed me down.
I had the time of my life down there with the best trail riders I could ever be honored to ride with. Got ROOSTED BY CAMERON, PASSED BY JOHNNY AND PUSHED BY TIM! And after all that, and a few cactuses pulled out of every limb on my body, had the best food and entertainment. All & All, I'm definately in for the next Baja Beach Bash and even volunteered to help mark the course. (EXCEPT CHILLY'S SECTIONS!!)
I can't imagin what to expect on the next bash ride. I wouldn't miss it!!!!

Go to for more details and check out all the baja blogs, video and pics on Thumpertalk. The stories are awesome!!!

LVJames...aka the "REFERMAN"


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Hope the beach bash turns into an annual thing...(with some buggys/trucks allowed:D)


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That barely can describe the 2009 Baja Beach Bash! PAB, Tim Morton of Baja Bound Moto, 11 Time Baja 1000 Champ Johnny Campbell! What more could you ask for???

Ok, so you asked.

1. Bitchin Baja Trails (most of which have not been ridden, or were brand new for this ride)

2. Getting to watch and ride with some of the most talented and entertaining riders on the planet.

3. Getting to spend some time with the Kids from Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage. (this was an amazing time) What great kids!

4. Enjoying a great weekend with 70+ new and old friends who share the same love for Baja that you do.

5. Enjoying the non-stop entertainment that is Dirty Dirty Squirrly!!

6. The list could keep going, but my fingers are tired.

If you were not there, you missed out! Thanks again to all of the crew who made it happen. The Baja Bound Moto Crew (Tim, Jen, Chilly, Jim, Ron, Flaco, etc) The JCR guys (11 time, Colton, Big Dan, and the Faster Brother) and of course the DA crew (CAB, Lobster, Nimrod, Big Daddy, Greg, Vic, Grant, etc)

See you next year.


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The more experience I get in Baja the more I realize that I'll always lack the experience that many of the "other" Baja lovers have. Its always humbling and this trip was no exception. I cheezed out of Chilly's revenge, and then lost 2nd gear on my bike in the first dune section. Thus I got a hall pass on the circle race and also wussed out on the hill climb...I'm not as good as all of the other riders out there but I still had a blast on the ride and want to thank all of the masters for letting me go. PAB, Johhny Tim, Jen, and all of their respective crews (way to many name to shout)
Extra Props to Anna Cody for being there.

Except for Tim M and mark B, I was the only Basher to bring my chica along for the ride and she had the time of her life riding around in PABs ATX car with Greg D and MOTOMAN Bradford...she ain't fraid of the Baja Boogiman

Nicolean Dynamite

It trips me out HOW MANY people of all types scold me when I tell them we're going to Baja. I'll just ask them nicely if they have any idea what they're talkin bout Willis?
It totally mellow.

Still, folks try to gurn me and say how many people are getting killed...Blah Frickity Blah. They have no clue nor motive to check the facts: Show me the statistics of white trash gringos winding up in a barrel of Pazole. There's no data to support the theory that there is a hightened risk to american travelers in Baja. These Baja Heroes on THE BBB BOARD OF DIRECTORS got the word out over this past weekend: Baja is Great.

Only a few years ago, I'd be the last person to try to sell the masses on riding and camping all over Baja. This is something you wanted to keep to yourself. The trails and surf spots, your favorite hotel and taco bars...But now the good people of Baja need our patronage. They're getting screwed because our sloppy-assed media is lazy-azz hell and can't go deep into the context of real problems. Instead, Americans get a false impression of Baja.

Tim, Pab and JC promoted the essence of the Baja experience on this event with the intention of opening some eyes. Everyone on the ride already knows the deal. For the thousands of off road junkies who couldn't make it or somehow got talked out of it by the media here's my ride report with a few novice pics...Its Dedicated to anyone and everyone who couldn't make it down for any reason.

Scotty Breauxman

$4,400 donated to Santa Marta Orphange in San Vincente
Nearly $2000 donated to fallen rider Luis Garcia 113x from Mexico
$1,000 donated to Racers and Ranchers

The BAJA Beach Bash will go down as a historic and once in a lifetime event because nothing like it has ever taken place on the peninsula, especially at a time when the land of Baja needs what this gang had to offer: positive vibes and commerce for the local communities. Yes, many large organized rides such as MSR’s and some industry rides come close to the magnitude but nothing can touch BBB’s vast diversity of unique characters. Speaking of characters, someone could make $50 Million off an animated cartoon series about Cameron and his posse, wreacking their hovoc and unique brand of chaos in Baja and beyond.

This massive undertaking required a ton of logistics and dedication. These guys really wanted to pull something off that would “give back” to Baja. There is a tremendous amount of irony in getting through Red Rattler Canyon and over Carnegie Hill to the Santa Marta Orphanage the “hard” way on Saturday afternoon.

Surely the highlight and cornerstone of the BBB was the seeing the smiles on the kids faces when the gang rolled up onto the orphanage grounds. The BashMasters designed routes with a variety of terrain and skill levels and the Carnegie Hill was no walk in the park by any stretch when you consider getting 50 or so riders up. The best part of this was that there was no sub-group our divisive cliques going off on their own. It was all for one and one for all as everyone was riding next to whoever, including some of the best people on earth. Baja has a way of bringing new friendships and rekindling some old ones. This was a time for EVERYONE to see something new. The Mortons, Cameron Steele and Johnny Campbell have proven their love and commitment to BAJA and this ride showed that they (and their respective crews) are indeed selfless when it comes to helping folks on both sides of the border.


Day one started with a wake up call at the San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada and quick drive to El Acambero near Uruapan where about half of the Bashers staged. We had a buffet breakfast and counted some 56 bikes, two pre-runner cars, four fully loaded chase vehicles and one Big Daddy.

We took off toward the coast and our guides lead us off onto some freshly cut single track in the middle of nowhere that led us up rills and over some tame ridges and mellow gullies. We came to a marked fork in the route. This is where career decisions were made as to weather or not try to tackle Chilli’s Revenge. The approach looked mellow but it’s that “boogie man” in the closet factor that kept telling me not to be “that guy”
just one hour into the ride. I took the easy way downto the bottom of the waterfall to take some photos.

(I couldn't figure how to post the vids links so go to TT if you want to kill some time watching these vidoes of the BBB antics... )
Lower Chili’s

It was a real scene at the bottom of Chili’s. Nothing like it has ever happened with this magnitude. It was truly unique. Just for giggles. SurfNride Wilson tried to scale it.

Thankfully the endo-boys didn’t get more than just a few scratches and we were off to the sand-dune-maze around the point. That’s where I lost 2nd gear on the XR650.
Around this time is where Mitch Stroud the Survivor man apparently followed Johnny C toward the beach and got stuck, causing the first MIA report of the day.
The route lead us into a well known but rural fishing and farming town where the chuck wagons where staged. There were two separate trucks with full service gas pumps, tons of cold drinds, a roach-coach (minus the roaches) and all the water anyone needed.

But no Mitch…roll call continued on, but no Mitch. A recon posse headed out and the rest of the gang ventured south along the coast and the sun was out in full effect.
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Day One Continued

We moto’d coast until we got to the Circle Race Track where the chuck wagons didn’t miss a beat. These guys have it wired!

In the circle race, riders start in staggered order and who ever gets passed is knocked out until you have the last man riding. Still No Mitch

Main Event:

After lunch it was more beach and canyon and tight track, old ravines, sandwash, to beach break to surf check to old boat washed up on the rocks to pirate bar group photo to hightide detour to “sodium bypass”. Time really flies when your having the time of your lives. Here, everyone stopped for a little Beach GP Moto. No mitch.

We had to detour up to a little bluff-top farmland where we were being denied access to the south. Negotiations were not working. Enter Baja legend Johnny Cambell. He rode right up to the front and bingo: Access granted without Mitch

The day ended at the Old Mill in San Quintin and everyone had dinner at Don Eddy’s, a nice one. Good news: Mitch was there.

Here’s what happened to Mitch: His “ride” report:


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Day 2

Day two started out overcast and a buffet style carb station was assembled complete with coffee and OJ. Everyone suited up and made way for the hill climb event just a few miles toward the coast.

The novice and female riders (Anna Cody, Jen Morton and Olivia Rich) took a running start at the loose gravel hill climb. Jen Morton got the top honor among the ladies.

Mitch found redemption as he got pretty high up there.

Next it was the pros, anyone who had ever raced in a pro class event:

Colton Udall was expected to do well in the climb but failed to make it to the top on the first go.

BBM made it



At the end of the pros, 5 guys made it to the top and it decided that a final round “Chinese Up-Hill” would decide the hill climb champ. A Le Mans style dead start sprint with all five pros battling it out. Here is where SCORE class 40 contender and Bakersfield mainstay Brain Cambell made a tactical move and drew an outside line, through knee-high bushes.

Hereis thre footage courtesey of Mitch:

After the climb PAB herded the gang, through the morning fog, back to the beach and northward to our breakfast outpost: GASTON’s…

This was a real treat as the entire bash Crew took over the compound. The breakfast was buffet. Gastones took the trophy for best breaky on the BBB. Two type of bacon, eggs, chilly quiche, (real men were having that) tons of fruit and hash browns. Gaston’s was a real treat. We gassed up and rode north again. Now the sun was out. On the way up to Pirate bar, Pab stopped up at a little kicker ramp where some of the freestylers but on a little show.


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Northward we rode toward Shipwrecks.

Next, we took an alternate route back toward our next challenge: Red Rattler Canyon.

At our pit stop we were advised that the temps would rise as much as 20 degrees and that some ridders might want to opt out of this one. Anyone who had any trouble so far (excluding Chilly’s Revenge) were advised to skip this section and take the beach route to the Santa Marta Orphanage.

We learned a new word on the first mile of Red Rattler Canyon: “Car Wash”. This is when the trail is so tight with brush and bushes that its like driving your car through the spinning bristles at your local car wash. It was tight and the temps were rising. We got to a ledgey section which was eroding quickly. Just below was a rocky section with a dark blackwater mud pond, the kind that smells like caca.

Here is where I almost met my own match. I high sided the 650r at 0 MPH off the 8’ ledge and onto my head. After a metamorphasis of gamma radiation, I managed to get up the narrow staircase to a shaded area for a little R&R. I was overheating and waited as, one by one, riders got through that tight section. After a little while we were on our way and I didn’t want to ask the question: Is the hard part over yet? Because I knew it was yet to come.

The bottle neck at the bottom of Carnegie Hill was solid. Here are a couple of vids of CH on the Red Rattler Canyon.

This is where Johnny C and friends lended a hand with the first little section of an off-camber rock stack. I watched two guy high side off this section and 6-8 feet down into the prickle ridden cactus garden. Instead of being another casualty, a buddy and me walked up to the blind section to sess out the line. Johnny told us to hit the big rock dead square or else pay the price.

I was feeling like a real pro (I’m not) when I made it through that section and almost to the top of CH on my first go, but “NO GO”, I stalled it. I went for another run and go as high as an agave bunch where I parked the bike for a little cool down.

(vid courtesy of Mitch)

I’m such a non-vet but you have to start somewhere.

Colton motored a faltering KTM to the top of the hill and way way beyond the top of the trail before we all descended down toward a marshy area closer to the San Vincente side.

This is why it is strictly discouraged to ride most Baja single tracks by using GPS tracks to "get in".
No one I saw the entire weekend was playing with one. If you followed a GPS track into this trail, it could be your last. There’s way too much that can go wrong and nearly impossible to get out if you had a major boo boo. I can just see some innocent rider literally biting the dust back in this canyon.


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We slowly motored toward the orphanage about 2 hours behind schedule, but when we arrived it was well worth it. This is a heart warming experience to have gotten there the hard way and our efforts benefited the kids and the orphanage as a whole.

In a very humble gesture, Pastor Kevin Newton from Sacramento handed a plain white envelope to the director with a significant cash donation he helped collect from the congregation at his local church nearly 1000 miles to the north

Nicole with Louis and Maria


This guys name is Octavio, he was out of his mind at the sight of Baja Legend Johnny Cambell. I could tell it was better than the best thing hes seen in a while, if ever.

Anna Cody and Jen Morton are both Baja Heroes

D. Vincent

Lance Kane

After we said our goodbyes and took off from S. Marta we headed off onto some SCORE course to survey the controversial course deviation lines. This is where we had one split chin and thankfully it was not a serious thing. We collected ourselves and headed west over a mountain toward Coyote Cals.

This is where riders had an option for the easy way or the Not So Easy Way. Without 2nd gear I headed out with some other photogs toward the bottom of “Leap of Faith”

Here is as die-hard a photographer as I’ve seen “Jessie Short-Sleeve” gets props for this

Leap Of Faith- Half the field went down on this one, including JC who dismounted into a handstand.

It was getting dark fast and we had a few guys without head lights so we motored west toward Coyote Cals north of Erendira. This place is no in the map as great place to stay. We had a GREAT dinner with a five star Siete Mares sopa (7 Seas Soup) and killer fish taco bar. The managers, Adam and Alice said it was their largest catered event ever. They really appreciated the BBB crew and our patronage. The award ceremony followed with PAB MC’ing the gig along with partners Tim Morton and Johnny Cambell.

Awards were given;

Manny won the Squirrel trophy, JC the Circle Jerk, Brain Cambell won the Hill Climb, Jennifer "Head Hooter" Morton got the Queen of the Hill and Cory the Last Minute Metal Mulisha Guy got the Rookie of the Ride. Cameron Steele got the rider of the event trophy, which was well deserved.

After the awards most folks petered out, but not the hard-core gang. Manny could be heard all the back at PSJ’s as he carried on with the gang in the beach bar area for at least a few hours, no one seemed to mind.

A word about Coyote Cals: BBM tours has never really used CC’s before but that will probably change. They did an incomparable job at hosting the bashers.


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Breakfast was worthy and the gang geared up for the “foot-down” contest which Nicole referred to as the one-legged race. I cheezed on that too.


Juan from Acambaro

Brian Campbell (L) and bro

Bako Billy and Bro

T. Gomez

Brian Sweany- One fast mo-fo



Olivia Rich has some cojones

Brett Sanders

“What the hell you lookin at” The SNR anomly

Moto Mouthers

Lance, Dave and I were the only ones to skip the FD event and needed to head out for an early run toward the border.

Back at Acamparao, the trucks were waiting with the awesome support crew and a few new friends.
Lil Lady and Big Daddy

Back toward Ensenada, we were treated to that one “secret” taco place which is no secret among the vets.

Reverse Hang Ten Joe Hauler Doggy

There's also 2 puppies in there

On the way north toward TJ, we saw this guy who’s job it is to help tourists out with info and support. He looked like the MayTag repair man and was eager to visit with Lance Dave and I about the situation for travelers in Northern Baja.

A big personal thanks from Nicole and I to everyone...every single person there made it happen. But the props go out to the ring-leaders at BajaBoundMoto, Desert Assasins and Johnny Campbell Racing.

...BUT YOU DON"T KNOW WHERE TO START, HIT UP JENNIFER MORTON AT husband Tim knows more trails and routes in Northern Baja than anyone. Just ask him and he'll take you on a tour. I highly recommend it. You don't want to go to your grave wondering what it would've been like to spend multiple days tracking across BajaLand.

Long live Baja and the people who love it!!!
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Nice Scotty, keep it coming, I lived it and I want more story!

Thanks for the kind words!

Viva Tim and Jen at Baja Bound Moto!


WOW ............... no wonder our economy is in the pooper --- no one's working ?? the're all down in baja at cameron steeles baja circus ---- :eek: the picutres and stories of this trip are so killer, i would someday love to do this baja bash or the rip to the tip -- i just gotta find a way to get more than 5 days off in a row :rolleyes: d-no


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WoW! Cudos for the recap!!!


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It looks like The Rip and The Beach Bash have given rise to a new Class 22 Team...