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Baja Pits Baja 1000 info..


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We will be running 19 pits along this tough course. Our pits are equiped to service anything from trucks,buggies,motos,atv's and utv's. We have tools, welders, satellite communication from pit to pit,food and refreshments. We are your best option outhere.. for more info give Carlos a call or follow us on facebook

Baja Pits

Carlos Orozco (619)921-8978

pit locations are aprox. +,- 2 miles

rm 34
rm 92
rm 142
rm 190
rm 221
rm 255
rm 285
rm 301
rm 358
rm 413
rm 465
rm 520
rm 561
rm 617
rm 656
rm 701
rm 734
rm 774
rm 814

we might not be the cheapest, but we are the best... we have more coverage than any one else out there..


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do you know who is doing the mm 358 pit, my buddy Tom Mangione is doing mm 357 and would like to see if your guys want to caravan together????