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***Baja Racing of Texas presents The CHUPACABRA 300***


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Pistol and Fast Eddie are on there way.

Team Frontline2Finishline is finally prepped and ready to get racing! Thanks again BRT for all the Support-
bringing out 8 combat vets including 2 Purple heart recipients who just returned from a hard fought year in Iraq. Yes there are still combat operations going on in Iraq despite what you may read. Looking forward to racing with
(or behind) all of the amazing racers at this race!


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My Chupacabra pack is on it's way to Carl's ranch. My pack grew by three. Four of us Chupacabra's running around the desert together looking for hookers.........wait, I mean looking for a win, some beer, and Fast Eddie who in his pink tights will delite us with dancing and fairy tales, or is it tales about fairies?????? What ever.............see ya'll there!!


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looks like I'm gonna be going to check this out and get ideas ands pointers from everyone that will talk to me lol.
really looking forward to getting there!


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The event is going well and racers already in the pits. Jesse James took a ride around the course on his bike and had a blast! Glad to see another racer having a good time.

IRC TRACKING IS $130.00 total............. no additional charges. IRC has the wrong entry form online. NO OTHER CHARGES FROM IRC.

On a bad note... we had a racer have issues losing his car/ truck/ trailer headed to the event. He is safe, but its pretty ugly. Please check your rigs, take your time, and be safe!!!!

Lets go racing!


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Bink Designs / Bink-Photo.com is putting up their Top Tier Photo Print Package to the 1st Overall BRT Chupacabra Winner!

Package Includes
(14) 5x7 Prints
(4) 8x10
(2) 11x14
(1) 20x30

Value $300

Racers are already lined up at the main gate to get in. We will post pics and video as the weekend gets under way.

PISTOLA woke up at 6am to go hunting, maybe he will post up some pics????


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After a great day of weather, tech/registration went smooth and fast for everyone. We have 42 racers starting the Chupacabra 300 tomorrow. Here is the Qualifying results from today's event. Congratulations to Jason Sherer for being the Fastest qualifier today.
BRT “Chupacabra 300”
#2 1533 WALSER 3:15
#3 27 BEAL 3:17
#4 60 VOUDOURIS 3:18
#5 88 NORMAN 3:21:22
#6 1514 SHIPMAN 3:22:10
#7 4470 ELLETT 3:24
#8 54 JAMES 3:28
#9 44 BEAL 3:29
#10 4412 PETERSON 3:33
#11 4595 ARLEDGE 4:12
#12 1858 VAN DAM 0:00

We are all looking forward to an amazing event tomorrow and will update throughout the day. Weather in the mid 80's will make for great racing. Huge thanks to everyone that is supporting desert racing in Texas.


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Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow! I wish I could have stayed in Texas all week but next season I will have to come out for a race for sure.

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Here are a few photos from today.. It's awesome out here! Temps are great and course is very challenging looking forward to race day tomorrow.



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It's good to see Mike racing the #60 truck in Texas. Good luck to everyone today. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully someone will posting updates to go along with the IRC tracking for those that couldn't make it out this weekend.

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oh come we need more pics and video from the in cars haha