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It all started with RDC coming back from the Dakar Rally 2011. At that time it seemed like a good idea to conceive the first rally raid in Baja California. 2 years later we launched the first roadbook navigation rally in Baja. We've stayed committed and kept our heads down, with the help and support of this niche community of rally enthusiasts and professionals, improving each year for the past 8 summers.

Now the time has come
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Baja Rally Powered by Rally Comp launches two new 3-day rally raid competitions and lengthened the flagship Baja Rally to a longer, 6-day format to create the BAJA RALLY Championship Series for 2021. Hotels Mision Cataviña and Mision Santa Maria San Quintin will each host ‘single-bivouac’ 3-day rally raid events in January and May, respectively. A points table published in the new rulebook gives an incentive for racers and teams to compete for the championship and for sponsors to contribute to the series. The 3-day rally raids are full-blown competitive races condensed into a smaller format but with full length stages designed to minimize liaisons and focus on the best of what Baja Rally has to offer.

CATAVIÑA RALLY January 29 - 31
The first of three rally-raids for 2021 kicks off Friday, January 29th from El Rosario and will run more than 600 km of brand new, off road rally stages over 3 days with 2 overnight stays at Hotel Mision Cataviña (rooms not included in entry fees). After arriving in Cataviña from El Rosario Friday, racers will race a second day on Saturday on a brand new, loop stage in the Valle de Los Cirios. Finally on Sunday the final stage of 3 will race from Cataviña back to El Rosario.


The May 21 -23 San Quintin Rally will follow the same Friday- Sunday format as Cataviña with similar mileages and also run into parts of the Valle de Los Cirios on the Saturday loop.

BAJA RALLY September 26 - Oct 2
The longest running rally raid in North America is getting longer with a 6th day of championship-level rally raid stage racing to cap off the inaugural BAJA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES. Traditionally a 5-day rally since 2015 the newly expanded, 6-Day Baja Rally will base out of Ensenada and include a Marathon stage in Bahia de Los Angeles, a first for Baja Rally, as well as stops in Cataviña and San Felipe.
View attachment 2594278 Rally founder and stage developer Scotty “Breauxman” Bloom explained that the Baja Rally staff and volunteers have spent 8 summers developing what he describes as “championship-level” rally raid stages and innovative protocols for communications and safety, including moto-medics, Rally Comp Tracking and satellite WiFi and communications.

We've ramped up for the post-Covid era because we have the assets and resources to provide a safer racing platform that is sustainable,” Scotty explained enthusiastically, “There is a pent up demand after this anomaly of a year and for rally-raid as a racing alternative. We’re seeing more interest stemming from Ricky Brabec and Casey Currie’s Dakar Rally wins. We’re getting generous support from our 3 main sponsors. The bottom line is we’ve had a lot of practice and learned a lot these first 8 years so we have the capacity to scale it out to a 3 race series with the longest rally in North America.”

A completely revised rulebook was just released that includes new roadbook symbols and abbreviations that have been adopted globally by international rally races and sanctioning bodies. A new regulation announced by Baja Rally (Rule 3.9a) requires all competitors to rent the new Icom “Push to Talk” Satellite Radio from a single source provider Satellite Phone Store and replaces the requirement to carry a satellite phone.

It might seem overly strict to require our racing clients to rent the same PTT sat radios from a single provider but there is good reason for it”, Scotty continued, “The radios need to be identical make and model using the same system and all programed into our network. The team at Satellite Phone Store makes it simple and extremely affordable and these new sat radios perform incredibly well in the field.”

The entry period for the Inaugural Cataviña Rally opened quietly on October 1



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Rally Training Included In BAJA RALLY Series;
Online Study Program Prepares Students to Race
Cataviña Rally- January 28 - 31

  • Student-Rookie Classification Added to Rally Raid Category
  • Online Pre-Study Coursework Required to Qualify
  • No Extra Cost for first-time rally riders and drivers
  • $1,550 - Motorcycles Includes Entry Fee & Training
  • $1,975 - UTV Includes Entry Fee & Training

January 28 - 31, 2021

May 20 - 23, 2021

ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO- With news of Polaris’ sending 6 Americans UTV racers to the Dakar Rally and rising demand for racing alternatives in the post-Covid era, organizers of the BAJA RALLY Series Powered by Rally Comp now offer rookie rally racers a safe and affordable way to prepare for roadbook navigating and compete in North America’s longest running rally competition.

Fast Track to Rally Racing
Baja Rally School’s merger with the BAJA RALLY Series includes their training program in the standard entry fee for the new Cataviña & San Quintin Rally Events. Rookies and first time navigators no longer need to invest time and money into isolated training programs which are already hard to come by yet growing in demand.

Online Rally Training Program
Instead, the school adapted its traditional one day classroom session into a 4-hour online course followed by a 90-minute live seminar scheduled the afternoon before the Cataviña Rally. Enrolled students will complete six, self-study assignments and must pass two quizzes as a requirement to attend the pre-rally seminar Thursday January 28 at El Rosario. Then they will be ready to compete in the Student Rookie classification and eligible to earn points and vie for “Rookie of the Year”.

You Can Do This
BAJA RALLY founder and stage developer Scotty “Breauxman” Bloom encouraged riders and drivers from all disciplines to enroll and participate. He said it’s easier and more affordable than ever because there is no added cost when first timers enter under the Student-Rookie class. Scotty and his team say they have the experience to know what will work and how to make training safe and effective for riders and drivers who are in good enough shape for 3 days of 150-200 mile stages.

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Learn By Doing
We've graduated over 3 dozen racers from our school in the past few years and refined the entire training process down to the essentials”, explained Scotty enthusiastically, We know what works so If you take the pre-study assignments seriously and arrive prepared and in good riding shape, you can do this!”

He added that the new Student-Rookie classification offered at the Cataviña Rally and San Quintin Rally will replace the normal 3-day Baja Rally School established in 2017 and that it is not recommended for beginner on novice level riders.

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Cost Includes Entry Fee & Training
$1,550 - Motorcycles
$1,975 - UTV (includes co-driver)
$85 - Per person for any additional support crew or guest

Requirements: (click to open)
*Must submit Application Form and enter under Student-Rookie Classification.

*Must have entry fee paid in full prior to beginning online coursework.
*Must arrive by noon to El Rosario Thursday January 28 to qualify.
*Must have completed online coursework with passing scores on quizzes.
(see below)

Contents of Online Self-Study Coursework
A. 2021 Roadbook Symbology and Abbreviations
B. Rally Navigator & Custom Symbols & Abbreviations
C. RALLY COMP Waypoints Guide
D. RALLY COMP Practice Quiz
E. RALLY COMP Training Video

The Baja Rally Powered by Rally Comp the longest running rally raid motorsports competition in North America. Now in its ninth consecutive year as a stand alone entity, the eco-friendly Baja Rally expands on its independent infrastructure of intellectual property and relationships to form the Baja Rally Championship Series 2021. Among these assets are the 2018 Manifestacion Impacto Ambiente (MIA), the first environmental impact study for off road motorsports to be registered with and approved by the Mexican Federal Government for land use in nationally protected areas. Since the inaugural Baja Rally in September 2013, over 9000 km of uniquely original off road routes have been safely and responsibly raced by more than 300 competitors over the course of 42 stages on a total of 35 days. For more information and inspiration visit