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"Baja Ranchero" NORRA Class 6 Tribute Build Thread


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The Baja Ranchero is finally home in San Diego. We should have all the plumbing done before Christmas and then we can hot wire it and make it run until we get it completely wired. Lots of finishing work to do but I can finally see the pot of gold at the end of the peninsula!

2019-12-06 14.30.41.jpg
2019-12-07 15.27.34.jpg
2019-12-05 13.39.01.jpg
2019-12-05 13.34.14.jpg
2019-12-04 17.59.37.jpg

2019-12-02 19.10.11.jpg

2019-12-07 16.59.14.jpg

2019-12-05 16.37.40.jpg

2019-12-05 16.38.22-1.jpg


Been following this build on FB. My first car was a 1962 Ford Falcon but it was almost a Ranchero that was out of our price range. Regret ever selling the car now that theyre in the thousands and we bought the car for $600

Cant wait to see the finished build. Would love to make it to NORRA race some day