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Baja Strong - Off Roaders Hurricane Relief


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Some of us are on the east coast, so delivery to drop off points are an issue. I know can donate through broader recovery efforts but would love to contribute to something through the racing community. Ideas?
You can drop ship from Costco to Mexicana Logics in Miramar, CA (San Diego)

punchdrunk monkey

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Pacific Fire Systems will be bringing stuff to Vildosolas shop next week.

Thanks for posting!

RanchoPacific Motorsports

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Is there any need for Clothing?
I work for a Screenprinting company and we have a lot of new t-shirts and sweatshirts that are misprints that we would donate if there is a need.


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anyone in vegas shipping anything that way or doing a drop off spot?

Maybe the DP11 viewing party next week???


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I will be accepting donations on the Phx area through next Friday , then driving to San Diego over that weekend to deliver Monday morning

Please contact me if you have donations , new or used stuff


We will be at the SSSS this weekend. Feel free to drop off at our booth and we make sure it goes where it needs to.

RDC/UTVU/The Mint booth at the Pavilion building.

Jug Bug

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Depending on damage to the power grid the biggest thing needed is generators to pump fuel out of fuel tanks and get water wells working and refrigerators. At least that was the story when we got hit a few years back. Didn't have electricity for a month in some places.


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I wrote the following email to my friends and family and sent it out. Whether or not the people of Mexico are resilient and will bounce back, it still hurts to suffer and I believe in doing what you can to help those in need....

.....I will commit to donating some of the following goods we have around the house as well as a $200 Target mission for supplies.

For what it's worth, I made a $50 dollar store run yesterday and picked up some mops and brooms and bleach. This evening my daughter and I went to Target and made a run there too. Some of the last reports I read off of Baja Nomad said food was a critical hot item right now. I probably bought 150 cans of Chef Boyardee and Goya beans, armloads of toothpaste, maxi pads and small soap containers. My daughter got to participate in giving and the best part is...



If anyone is considering doing something similar, I highly encourage you to at least ask the manager at your local retailer if there is anything they can do. I went to customer service and asked beforehand, and they told me to load my cart and come check out at the customer service desk.

Viva Baja!

randy s

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big lots has cases of bottled water for 2.50 and cheep canned stuff ..it's your one stop hurricane relief center if you don't want to dress up to go to walmart...


Another option is if anyone is an Amazon Prime member, they have a service called Prime Pantry where you can drop ship some items similar to Costco. Cases of water, canned foods, etc.


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Keep in mind that this is going to take along time to rebound from. Keep gathering clothes and blankets and try and drop stuff on your future surf/moto/fishing trips down the peninsula. There are a lot of small towns like Pescadero, Todos, San Juanico, San Ignacio etc... that have not made the media but are equally as devastated. We had major damage in Cerritos as well but a lot of it was just stuff and we are trying to help the locals that lost their homes first and for most.
It is great to see the off road community rally together like this.


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I noticed Vildosola donations were being accepted through Friday 9/19 (San Diego), does anyone know if they will be making a second trip???


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The Baja Fools have $400 cash to go shopping and another $100 worth of water, toilet paper and non perishable food already gathered. We will be ready to deliver everything to a San Diego area drop point on Tuesday afternoon. Current plans are to take everything to Mastercraft in Santee, hopefully there will be further shipments going into Baja.

Any refinements to the original shopping lists?


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OK....... good work here. important to see is ....... bajanomad....... has info help for specific areas that need it. also simple go fund me accounts for individual areas.


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It looks like Baja Strong will be moving supplies south for the next six weeks. Good news for our neighbors in Baja.


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Has anyone stopped by to check on Coco or any of the orphanages that I always see you guys visit ?