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Baja Sur Dos Mares Race


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Here below you will find the desert and short course dates for the Southern Baja Off Road Race Championship.
You can also check out our web site www.racethebaja.com and we will try to keep you as updated as possible on what is going on down in BCS in English. You can sign up to the newsletter and gets some updates or changes etc.



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Pretty sure you have to run NORRA to qualify for the Dos Mares. Or at least that's how it should be !!!
AT Racing could probably hook you up with great support for a much smaller cost than bringing your own.
He also has a pretty cool race / repair shop in La Paz. Good guy to know.


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Dos Mares is a completely separate race from Norra. We have raced Dos Mares for over 10 years and have never raced Norra. There is a few people though that have raced Norra and then raced Dos Mares right after which seems like it would be awesome combination but never fits into our schedule.

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