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Baja t/a's VS. Mud t/a's


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Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I was wondering on a street driven truck how bfg bajas would wear compared to mud terrains. Will they wear a lot faster? Reason being that you can get the bajas cheaper in the ads on this site than it costs for mud terrains at most tire stores. I only need two front tires and was wondering if it was worth getting the bajas. Will it ride funny with two of each? I will be going from 33's to 35 soon but my back tires are almost new so I want to wait till these wear out to go up a size.



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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I purchased some Baja TA's from a guy who ran them on his toyota for about 2 days. He used to have the Mud TA's but tried the Baja TA's but he said the Bajas were way too noisy on the street. He went back to Mud TA's. I don't have any personal experience with either, I run the AT's.


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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

Bajas will last 40k on the street. They are going to get flatspots from sitting though.

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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

You will notice a big difference with the Bajas, its a tough tire and you feel every little dip and pothole through feedback. I did not get that many miles out of mine and did not run them again. They get really loud as they were down and like Kris said every morning you will have flat spots, I will get flat spots on my new projects but hopefully the ride will be nicer without the big lugs..


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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I had Baja's on a ranger for 35-38,000 miles and loved them. I ran 25 lbs. in them and they worked fine. Besides, what do you want out of Off Road race tires?




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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I run them on the back of my truck sometimes when I goto the desert. They are a heck of a lot tuffer! I ran over a metal stake one time with my Mudders and it shreaded them. Then recently I ran over the same stake on accident with my Baja's on and it didnt even scratch them!

The flat spots are kinda annoying on the street. You will feel like a tire is out of balance and when you stop and go you will actually kinda bounce! heh.

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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

The flat spots happen after parking the truck over night right? Will the flat spot go away after you drive on them for a few miles?


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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

The Baja's suck on wet pavement. I would not run them on anything that will be street driven on a regular basis.

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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

Yes the flat spots go away after a couple of miles. They are also no good if you plan on going in the sand, You cannot air them down enough to make a difference. They can run on 5 psi and you could barely tell on the street, They have bulletproof sidewalls..


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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I tell you what are a sweet tire. the Goodyear MTR's. The street versions wear great. I have 2 friends that have them on their trucks. Both have 33's, and the tires wear better than any off road tire they have had before and have very little road noise. If you can get ahold of a set of the MTR race series tires then you will be cooking. We run the race series tires in 35's on our prerunner and they are awesome. I even raced 2 races in our prerunner last year and ran the same set of tires in both races and never had a flat. Keep in mind one of the races was in barstow and the other was in vegas. Both rough courses. As soon as goodyear makes them in a 37 we will be switching to them on our 8 truck. Those are awesome tires and you will get good wear out of them .

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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

i dont know if im crazy of something, but my bajas work good in the rain, dont make a ridiculous amount of noise, and dont get flat spots. i have noticed tire pressure makes a big difference in mine though. it could just be that i am not picky or sensitive to noises, and vibrations and things like that.



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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I've heard that baja's are a bias ply and I've heard they're radial. Which are they? If they were bias that would explain the flat spots.



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Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

Project T/A's horrible in the rain, Mud-Terrain's and Baja T/A's are the same in the rain. The only exception is even though the Baja T/A's are bias ply and the Mud's are Radial you think the radial would wear better. Well.... when I owned my Toyota the Baja T/A's wore better than any pair of mud's I owned... I got about 5,000 miles more on my Baja's.....
Re: Baja t/a\'s VS. Mud t/a\'s

I had 35" baja's on my chevy for a while and I will never run them on a street truck again, like john said, they are loud, get flat spots and you feel every little bump in the road, if you want to see how they ride, air up your current tires to about 20 psi over what they should be and that's what the baja will ride like