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Mar 28, 2016
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St George
For those teams looking to have amazing race-to-chase tracking and communications while racing NORRA this year give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get your team set up. No more driving down the coast when your race vehicle is broken behind you and in need of your assistance!

Mount a ROMTraX unit onto your race vehicle and one onto each chase vehicle. Your race vehicle will then automatically generate and send a message every 10 minutes telling your entire chase crew your current race mile and speed though the iridium satellite network (no cell service needed). When you want to message simply connect to your ROMTraX device using any smart phone, laptop or tablet (no app needed) then message, text or email anyone in the world or anyone on your crew. Post to social media like twitter and Facebook in the middle of nowhere!

Price for two ROMTraX units (Race + Chase 1) is $749. These are units you OWN and can be set up to be used for any race, pre-run or for recreation. Additional units for chase 2,3,4 etc are $399 each.

Tracking and Communication service for the NORRA 1000 is $189.50 for 10-minute race to chase 1 tracking and $64.50 for chase 2, 3, 4 etc to receive the same 10 minute Rm/Speed updates. Price includes an additional 100 messages to be used above and beyond the tracking updates plus an extra 20 messages per additional chase vehicle added.

Racing the Baja 500? 10 minute Race to Chase tracking is $140 and $45 per additional chase vehicle. Service is turned on 3-weeks before the race so units can be use for communication while pre-running.

Call or email David for any questions:

David Clay


Congratulations to Baja Tracking users and 2016 San Felipe winners Billy Wilson (Trophy Truck), Paul and Chad Broughton (TT Spec), Pete Sohren (Class 7) as well as Mint 400 winner Justin Lambert (UTV Class)
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Apr 20, 2016
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A team I race with uses this system and it is a MUST HAVE if you want simple, clear communication with your chase crew or loved ones in the states from the seat of your race car. It will make or break your race. Worth every penny.