Bajakits... parts sent apo... mil pricing?


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A friend of mine got stationed in a crack hole spot in Europe. Not bad but not great.

the good part is he was able to ship his truck. The bad part is getting parts etc.

he bought a set of upper control arms that I think are relabeled total chaos and the require drilling out the knuckle and then using a 1/2 inch long taper... all bad.

he is trying to get a pair of Bajakits uniball misalignment tapers sent out his way.

Baja kits won’t send APO, so he is going to have them shipped to me and I’ll ship to him. First time the Marines are bailing out the Air Force outside of a bar fight... but there you go.

he is trying to find a way to reduce the costs, does anyone know of Bk does mil pricing or if a BK dealer (are those even a thing) that do mil pricing?

he is already going to have to eat shipping twice.

thanks I’m advance


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