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BAJALITES too fragile for BAJA!?!?!?! gnarley vids.....


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YES, the truck was quickly repaired by the broughton crew and finished SECOND in the race out of 22 in class AND WON THE TTSPEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! congrats to this small but DETERMINED team....chad broughton, and my daughter, paige sohren were not injured in this crash....


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team chad and paul broughton also win the MILESTONE award for finishing every mile of every race for their second year in a row in a BAJALITE....nice work boys...


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Was that tire (one flying through the air) wheel less? Love the no quit attitude of your team Pete. Cowboy would be proud.

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I saw the video of the crash that day then saw (via pay-per-score) a red truck finish the next day. I didn't think it would have been possible to be the same truck. Congrats on the finish!

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Petes teams were working there asses off on those trucks at the hotel. To persevere through a crash like that, and end up with the championship, those are some bad ass trucks. Congratulations from Billy Bunch Racing 3749.

Chris Tobin

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Well built truck Pete!!! Glad Paige and Chad were not hurt in the wild crash...


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btw, team broughtons bajalite trucks are prepped in the family garage by chad after work, as chad is a pipe fitter......pretty impressive finishing rate for a low-buck operation.....


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As the father of the co driver you must have been pretty shocked the first time you saw that video, I know I was. You built a tough car, and I can't say enough about Paul and his crew.


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I'm glad they weren't hurt Pete, that's a huge crash. Congrats to them on the Championship!


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Did a booby trap cause the wreck?

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What was that big Thump noise right before launch?
Suspension slamming?
Huge tires on those rigs..I really have to hand it to Pete for making a living doing what he loves..I want to hear how you got the name Pistola Pete ?? Is the rumor true ??

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pretty sure that is the natural terrain --- there is a natural jump in that area around Camalu that brings lots and lots of locals to spectate, and it is only 1 mile off the highway. (not saying it was not modified by overzealous spectators, who knows) Pretty crazy way to test the integrity of your builds! So glad no injuries and two thumbs up for the Broughton crew for getting the truck back rolling and finishing! Respectable, indeed.