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Baker Motorsports ripped me off - Beware


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How did this thread NOT get deleted or Locked ???

Oh, and BTW the shop is still in business as is the 'school' they offer as well. :eek:

How long ago was this work done??? have they learned from their mistakes??? Did they try to make it right??? That would be my biggest questions, the learning curve to off road is steep,in my industry I've made mistakes, but made them right and improved and kept improving until IMO we are one of the best in the biz.


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How long ago was this work done??? have they learned from their mistakes??? Did they try to make it right???
Oh, you have no idea LOL........ A lot of this was done prior to him having a Fab school of sorts. SOS going on in the fab school......... This is not the only truck he hacked to death either......


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The only way to become proficient in fabrication is by doing it. Welding scraps together for practice might make you an artist someday, but not a fabricator. The learning curve should not be at the customers expense, though.

There is no doubt in my mind that your truck was part of FAB-101. When I was learning to splice high voltage cables, I'm sure that my boss didn't tell the customers that the work they were getting was being done by an apprentice, but if my work failed, it most certainly would have been replaced or corrected by a journeyman splicer at no cost to the customer. There is no way that I would have been the one to correct my own screw up. I would have been forced to pay close attention as it was being fixed though. It is truly shameful that a business did this to you, and without a doubt, many others. You need to take this to small claims or this will eat you up forever, man. Trust me, even if you were to lose, and there is no way that's gonna happen, it would no longer fester in you like it does right now.

I totally understand how difficult and expensive it is to train people. I suggest that if you want to train people, you should have them do it on far less complicated projects, and with the customer's approval. The customer should only pay for the materials used and there should be a very loose schedule for completion. The customer understands and accepts that there is a certain amount of risk involved, but agrees because it is so affordable. You would be surprised how many people are willing to take that risk. Even if it doesn't come out as expected, nobody will side with the customer in that situation. It's way too late to correct what has happened here and your business will suffer now and into the future as a result. Some changes need to be made by you, or you may find that changes will be made for you.

Just thought I would throw that out there as an unbiased observer.


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BTDT, not with fab work but with engin's. Really stink's only to get tuning run time on a engine.



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CEORanger.... pics,pics,pics please :D:D


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Co-Dog, way to go. I couldnt have said it better.


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Wow, Jason, congratulations! It must have been exciting to bring the truck home. Ironically, getting the work done the right way probably took a fraction of the time that it took to get it done by Baker. Many bitter years have gone by, but at least you can start the fun years now.


Dude, repaint that thing! fresh start..... I totally side with you on this, i was ripped off for about 10g's on a sports car and the same sort of story, a whole year it sat at the shop and all it was getting done was an engine swap. when he put the new motor in he reused the old rear main seal, so it leaked oil everywhere until about three months later the engine blew again.... i was young and trusting back then. good luck.


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Is Baker Motorsports still in business? Is this the same John Baker that used to race a Bronco, got a full size Dodge truck before Walker, got into mini trucks after Walker got the full size ride, left So Cal for back east and sold Mitisubishi 4x4 accesories for a while? He has to be over 60 years old by now.