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Bank Loans Now Available!


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Wizard Schools of Fabrication is excited to announce the availability of bank loans for students to cover all or a portion of the cost of enrollment, up to a maximum of $10,000. These loans are available with monthly payments as low as $309 to those who qualify. If perhaps your credit isn’t built up enough yet, no problem, we can get you the loan if you have a qualified co-signer. The process is simple and easy, we take care of everything to get your approved.

These loans are available for our standard six month or one year classes and our Build Your Own programs at either the Riverside, CA school or the Las Vegas, NV school. For further information on our classes visit http://www.wizardfabrications.com or call Doug Dixon, the Wizard Fabrications Promotions Manager at (602) 540-7044. Or you may also call the Riverside Manager, Chris Begley at (951) 683-4199 or the Las Vegas Manager, Tim Corbett at (702) 303-5285.

The bank loans apply to all of our courses, including the Sandrail, Prerunner Truck, and Rock Crawler six month classes, the SCORE Trophy Truck 101 one year class, and all of the Build Your Own programs (however the $10,000 cap will not cover the full cost of some of these). Information on the six month and one year classes is available on our website. Below is a rundown of the Build Your Own program, which has taken off as a huge hit recently because when you are finished you get to keep what you built.

Build Your Own Program Details:
What can you build? Just about any off-road vehicle. That includes sandrails, prerunner trucks, rock crawlers, off-road race cars or trucks (all classes), and NEW are Yamaha Rhino cages, bumpers, and long-travel suspension. We supply the shop space, tools, all materials, you just supply the enthusiasm and the labor and when you are done you get to keep your project vehicle. This includes all suspension arms, heims, steering, and other components depending on the type of vehicle. For your project you can use either DOM steel tubing or 4130 chromoly tubing, with diameters from 1.25 to 2 inches, depending on vehicle type and application.

This Build Your Own program gives you the foundation of fabrication knowledge combined with tons of hands-on experience where you will hone your new skills while gaining the satisfaction of building your own project… plus you save money over buying someone else’s chassis by doing it yourself!

Some projects, like sandrails, race buggies or trucks, and rock crawlers can be built from scratch. Other projects like prerunner trucks and Rhinos, you start with your own vehicle, bring it in and modify it. You just need to remove the fuel tank and drain the oil and coolant before bringing it to our facility.

To get more specific on your options, here’s a breakdown by vehicle type.

*Buggies: You can build a two or four/five seat car, rear or mid-engine. Most buggies including sand and race will have double A-arm long-travel front suspension in the front, trailing arm long-travel suspension in the rear (although we are open to those interested in another design like rear A-arms or five-link. Those interested in a buggy or Baja Bug with VW-style “beam” front suspension are welcome too. For limited classes that require a rear torsion housing you would need to supply that or we can help you find one.

*Prerunner and race trucks include a full cage and will generally have double A-arm long-travel front suspension in the front and ultra-long-travel four-link rear suspension.

*Rock crawlers will be a full tube chassis as well, with the exception of those that prefer to start with a Jeep or truck and modify it. Most rock crawlers will use either three or four-link suspension front and rear.

*Rhino programs have several options, including long-travel suspension, full cage, front and rear bumpers, and more.

For these Wizard Fabrications Build Your Own programs we have many options to fit your schedule, and prices depend on total shop time and materials and components cost. We are currently taking enrollments and space is reserved on a first come, first serve basis, so give us a call to take advantage of this exciting program. To reserve your spot or for any further questions, please call Doug Dixon, the Wizard Fabrications Promotions Manager at (602) 540-7044. Or you may also call the Riverside Manager, Chris Begley at (951) 683-4199 or the Las Vegas Manager, Tim Corbett at (702) 303-5285.

Note: Wizard Fabrications, Arizona is not an accredited vocational school. The instruction that you receive is not to prepare you for employment in any field. Instruction is offered only as how-to-type training to individuals, so that you can learn to build your own off-road recreational vehicle.