BANNED by Lucas again


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Ya LOORRS banned these again but legal in all USA UTV racing series..
Saturday 1st race of the session Glen Helen Elliott Watson finished 2nd to Cory Weler in the National series.
Sunday we put my wheels and tires on and went 1.3 seconds faster a lap..
So now old tires banned till my new American Racer Tires come out for short course and the Desert..
My wheels will not pack with mud or dirt.
Total weight for this combo ---32 pounds---
My banned tires are still available 28 tall depending on the casing I use by 8 wide on a 15in wheel
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Did Brian say why they banned them ? If its because of it being a "utv spec tire" like the hoosiers were I'd call the company tell them what you're doing and try to get them to call them a utv spec. back in the TORC days thats what it took to get Hoosiers legal.


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He doesn't like the fact I have them Re molded he wants a new tire-- so coming soon that's what I will have


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Get Ready my new American Racer UTV tires are coming soon.
Desert and short course--- loorrs can't ban these tires