Bark River Rages forward into the weekend


Senior Replay
Going into Bark River the "UP" (upper peninsula) a westcoast "desert type" individual has no idea how alive offroad racing really is in this part of the world. Right now as I write just before midnite and ready to crash for the morning that will soon arrive, the pits and adjoining camping area is bristling and filled to capacity with the enthusiasm that goes way beyond just a weekend of racing. This is about a lifelong tradition of Racing here. One that passes through the generations and one that will always thrive by shear passion and dedication for the sport. Just amazing...

Can't wait for the "kickoff" tomorrow and from the look of it there are thousands who feel exactly the same way. An incredible job to all the Volunteers that have put this entire event together! The hospitality and selfless sacrifice are not unnoticed.
Thank you!