Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows


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Doesn't Spencer have one of the old Datsuns sitting in AZ?

Palapaboy has already snagged it and has a build thread on here.


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I was at the VORRA race this past weekend and ran across Rick Meers' old class 9 Chenowyth for sale. The owner raced it and it actually won a moto. Body's a bit rough but the car hasn't been sitting in a barn and is in running condition. I think he's asking $5k/obo. It's still got a bunch of original stickers on it.
Its one of the old Mears single seater, Chenowth. Check it out, what do you think?


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This thing was still sitting at Fox's over summer, but since Spencer sold the place i dont know if its still in the area.
I hope that after we get the 1974 Datsun finished that I can talk Spencer in to letting me do a complete redo in the 1982 Nissan.


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I already posted this in the thread "NORRA 2013-what is out there to buy?" earlier today.

Re: NOORA 2013 - what is out there to buy?

Here's a chance to own a real piece of off-road history.

If anybody is interested in a real entry in the 1967 NORRA 1000, I have the Bob Hagin-Floyd Fessler 1959 TR-3 rally car for sale(Cheap). It was a non-finisher that made it to Laguna Chapala before the engine expired. It was pictured in Road and Track's report on the race and is mentioned in Marty Fiolka's book, 1000 Miles to Glory. It requires a total restoration.

The pics show it in the race in 1967(not my pic), and the other two were taken just before it was recovered from the wash at Rancho Santa Ines, where it had lain since 1967.

PM me at for more pics and information if you have any interest.

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One of the La Paz Honcho's is owned by Lyn Mocaby. Or, at least it was when I used to go buy gas from him back in the 90's. It just sat in his warehouse. Not sure if he sold it since or if he had any intensions to.


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Great thread Lucas. The Vintage section is starting to stir up some interest so this would be a good place to come to if one were looking for a vehicle. Speaking of Tandem cars, I'm pretty sure there is one in the Tucson area, not sure where. Also, I think the red tandem racer that won a couple races including the Baja 500 in the early 80's is still up for sale. Post up what you know of, it would be nice to see some of these old cars get a new lease on life.
If you are talking about the Patrick Mitchell FUNCO tandem it is alive and well in Tucson. Tim Carolan of ICR Motorsports restored the car and his daughter Katie is currently racing it in the sportsman unlimited class. It does look a little different than previous.

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Anyone know when ever happened to the old Vessels 8 truck, which became RG's Trophy Truck, then Marty Coyne raced it in the FUD series? I know the Coyne's sold it to someone else a long time ago, but I have no idea who. The last pics I saw of it were from about 10 years ago, but not sure what happened after that. I had heard rumors of the current owners being indicted on criminal charges and it was impounded with other property.
Your talking about Roseann...Heard she doe's not have a Visa anymore and resides in Mexicali..


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I am purchasing a tandem 1600 class in Luguna Niguel this weekend. I can't pass up the deal. I will post pics after i get it. Can these be raced in SNORE Class 1600 races if they meet spec?
Gonna bet it's Danny Rieders old car from early 90's.


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Your talking about Roseann...Heard she doe's not have a Visa anymore and resides in Mexicali..
Yeah, I know. The first time I saw it was back in the 90's when Marty Coyne was racing it in the FUD series. Took lots of pics and drooled over it. It inspired me to build my prerunner.

Anyone know where or who specifically owns in? It's one of those trucks that I would consider purchasing if the owner wanted to sell it.


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This may be sitting in my garage after next weekend when I go look at it. V-mar (Rasta Surf 5/1600)
That is an iconic car!! Does Vince still have it?


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No, he sold it to a friend who never did anything with it, it's been in storage since it's last race in 1996. If I pick it up, it will be coming with all of its spare parts, pit boxes and wheels and tires. It needs a little work from what I understand, so if it's not too much work I'll grab it. I'm really just looking for a play car for my 15y/o son, and this happened to fall in my lap.


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I'm sure this has been posted or mentioned, but I had not seen it until today.

The Candy Cane car is for sale! To me this was one of the memorable cars. I was young and dont remember if they raced in class 1 or if they always ran in sportsmen? I assume they only ran sportsmen towards the later years, as faster cars were built and this old Raceco was no longer comptitive in class 1. But everyone knew the candy cane car and if you were lucky they would see you and throw out candy canes as they went by.

To me this is part of Baja's history. And for only $9500 that seem like a steel for a complete running car.

One sugestion though if someone was to buy it they would need to add the big candy cane back on the roof!