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Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

I picked this up a few weeks ago and now I am trying to figure out who built it and who raced it..PO said it was in the hands of Walker Evans and thinks Curt Leduc built it..1985 f150..has alot of race grade parts...if anyone knows anything about it please let me know... thanks


Yes..I spoke again to the PO and he said it was built as a support truck/chase truck for a buggy team which explains the hitch mount tire rack that wouldnt fit the trucks tires.. sometime in the late 90’s he thinks..thanks

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Thats my listing! Really hate having to sell it but homes in San Diego arent cheap. If anyone wants any info on it let me know.

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Use to I would have said look in Temecula or Murrieta but man things have gone up. Good luck


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Found this locally, looks like a Funco that's been modified?

Any idea what it would be worth in it's current state?

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I think that is a Berrien funco copy. The car doesn't have the proper front clamps for a funco and it doesn't look like it was modified to used those clamps, but built that way originally. Berrien copied the frame and body of the funco SS2 before they started doing their own style chassis for racing.
Hey Everyone. First post here. Im hoping someone out there (preferably closeby!) will have a match to this seat. Ive had it for over 10 years and just found out who the maker is.

Apparently its made by Beard in the 1980s. If it wasnt for the LA Auto Show and Galpins booth showing Uncle Bobs Bouncing Bronco and its matching seats I wouldve never found out. Someone recommended reaching out to you guys as maybe one of you has one laying around.

Any help is appreciated. I have a 1968 Datsun Fairlady Roadster that Ive been slowly building into a Vintage Racer and would love to have a matching set of seats. Not the exact era, but old enough that its still cool.



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Mastercraft, Taylor and Beard seats were popular seats back in the day and pretty much CLOSE to the same. The problem you are going to run into is getting the same color/design (if that's what you were looking for). Most of those design layouts for the cloth are all but gone. Ed Beard does have some old stock I believe, you would have to get a hold of him. The business is no more but he is in Buckeye Az (I think), maybe look him up.