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Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

Thanks Rory, I think I found him and sent a message. I also sent a message to Beard Seats but not sure the they are the same Beard seats who would’ve made mine

I appreciate the help


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This is a great race car. I had a lot of fun in that car!! It is not a bad deal considering all that we put in it. The race trans is fresh and has not had oil in it yet. If it was painted blue as the Bel-Ray bullet you would not be able to tell which car is which as it was built with the Bel Ray car right next to it. It was originally a race car built by Henry Aris and the restored and rebuilt by Dave Tilton in Bud Feldkamp’s shop. Bobby Ferro also drove it in 2015 at El Mirage. It was his first time in a Funco since his 1979 Mint 400 overall win.

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Search "1992 Volkswagon drivetrain Long travel desert racer " on Facebook Marketplace, Loleta, CA


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