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Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

Thanks Rory, I think I found him and sent a message. I also sent a message to Beard Seats but not sure the they are the same Beard seats who would’ve made mine

I appreciate the help


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This is a great race car. I had a lot of fun in that car!! It is not a bad deal considering all that we put in it. The race trans is fresh and has not had oil in it yet. If it was painted blue as the Bel-Ray bullet you would not be able to tell which car is which as it was built with the Bel Ray car right next to it. It was originally a race car built by Henry Aris and the restored and rebuilt by Dave Tilton in Bud Feldkamp’s shop. Bobby Ferro also drove it in 2015 at El Mirage. It was his first time in a Funco since his 1979 Mint 400 overall win.

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The roof line and nerf bar are definitely a match.
Can you get it.
My uncle Dick Dahn raced in
the 77 London Sydney rally. There were 2 of them. This is me. The night we shipped them to London.
Only Brian Chuchua would know if they were marked in a certain location to identify which was which.The cage in this burned out one sure had alot cage removed,but the sheet metal on top of the cage has me thinking as Brian added it after I raced it 2 or 3 times,I believe between the 78 1000 and 79 parker,but whoever has the sister jeep could have added it to their's as well.The only thing is,in the 78 Baja 1000 we had to patch up the top rear shock towers at a fair pit at Tres Posos,I don't remember if we removed the bubble gum in Indio or Brian's shop did and it looks like flat bar accross the top of the tower for reinforcement.I don't recall that to be original.So I'm leaning towards yes,it's the one I drove as well as Dick Dahn and Jeff Wright.