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Well do you know of or have a vintage car ,you are sitting on wanting to restore? Or can tell where some are?
A place where we might find one we are looking for

Here is the list I own
Danny Porter single seat 1600 car
Walt Lott burro
Circus Circus 5/1600 car

Hope to see many pages on this thread
When my grandfather passed, my mom suggested I buy a small truck which would be able to transport his belongings from the Assisted Living Center he was in. I'm in San Diego and know the problems with smog so I sought a pre-1975 vehicle. On Craigslist somebody had posted a 1968 Ranchero. I found one near National City California. The owner says it belonged to his father who had recently had a stroke and that it had a history of racing. He did not elaborate and I just simply saw a small truck that ran well. After using it and driving it for about a year I noticed some odd things on it mainly a plaque mounted to the dash that says Baja 500 norra 1970. Also there seem to be a decaying switch box for a set of lights that had once been on the top.
The Ranchero had originally been white. I had Googled Baja 500 white Ranchero and had come up with one that was owned by Hot Rod racing and shown in the 27 hours to La Paz. However Hot Rod Magazine of course would not return my emails. What I do know is that there had once been a stick shift in the car however it was now automatic. The engine that was in it a 289 had been swapped out. My Ranchero has been a loyal worker for me. I named him Bob. I've posted pictures of Bob including the plaque. I'm wondering if it had been one of the Rancheros owned by Henry arras and raced in the Baja 500. If anybody has any photographs or can possibly link me to this vehicle's history I would be very happy. Also I would like to paint it its original Baja colors and restore the emblems if it is indeed a car that had once raced with norra. Does anybody have a roster of the 1970 Baja 500 participants? Or know of a Ranchero that had raced in 1970? Or has anybody else gotten a little plaque like the one shown in the photo? If anybody has any information I would be very appreciative as I have a Ranchero who just truly wants to know his origin. Thank you


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We had to buy both cars. He did not want to separate because the Baja Bug was in the driveway and I think his wife wanted it gone. The driveway was also not a very secure place for it.
what's the status of the McMIllian? Chenowth ? just curious as to what happened to it...

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This car was designed and built by Tom McClelland. Tom was a pioneer off-road racer that won many races driving with Andy DeVercelly. The car originally had a 289 Ford engine with Gurney-Weslake heads and the spaghetti 8 pipe exhaust had an awesome sound. A roller chain drive transferred the power from the C-4 to a Jaguar IRS with in-board disc brakes. The original front end was a hand made beefy replica of a bus link-pin and had different front shock mounts than pictured above. The car was campaigned during the early 80's and was submitted to Mattel to be a Hot Wheels model and also drawings of a 2 seat version with a Bronco II body was submitted to Ford. Sadly both Mattel and Ford passed. This is an amazing car, especially since the design and technology is 35 years old.

This is how the car ORIGINALLY looked, I still have the wing that's in this picture.

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I remember when this car was listed originally on here, it looked exactly like the picture above except for the colors, and was complete. It was local to me, and I was considering picking it up. It's a shame what happened to it when that John Mosebuilt guy got ahold of it.