Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows


Sep 10, 2021
That engine photo is in a Jeep that was set up for the drag strip. It was a CJ6. I kind of remember seeing it run side draft Webers and at one time injectors. I think it had a B&M Hydrostick. It ran at Carlsbad regularly, but probably all the other strips that were open in the mid to late 1960s. This was 50 years ago so please don't quote me.
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Thank you. Great to know it was seen in the wild! There may have been more than one engine.

Ezpecially thank you so much for the detail you have provided. Great picture!

Once I have gathered more details and more pictures, I hope to share with a knowlegeable person who can fill in the gaps, help to make a build plan.

It has been some time, but perhaps you have a memory of the sound? In one picture, it seemed to have short pipes of a kind I have not seen before.

Do you think it would have been run for fun, or, was there any reason it might have been run, to test something out? It seems like it can be tributed just as advertising briliance that it was. But if they actually tried something, that part could be featured in the new build.

My questions are meant as conversation, and I appreciate your time, any thoughts or ideas, suggestions!