Barstow Clean Up


Krittro Campbell
I was wondering who all is going out to the clean up and if anybody is amking a weekend out of it.


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yep , i'll be rolling out for a few hours then down to fuds for the superstition 250.


I will be there in the morning bright and early. I can only stay until about 1pm due to other matters beyond my control (I hate that!). But a few hours is better than none.



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We Look forward to seeing everyone out there =) Some people will be making a weekend out of it =-) SOme are camping over by slash X.

Those that can only show for awhile - we appreiciate you taking the time to show if only for awhile, your dilligence and help is thanked! the OCDII crew will be there - but I guess that is a no-brainer ;-)

It should be fun - I have the BLM looking for hotspots this week and they will or should be providing maps as well!

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11 Brothers will be there. going to camp behind slash x . tell every body to come and help out. big and small teams can pick up trash just like the rest of us .Thanks Dennis


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I'm rallying what troops I can from here in Ventura. Not sure which vehicle to come out in. Are open pick-up beds in high demand, or not crucial ?
Brad, are you heading out Sat morning or Fri eve ?

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Bring anything to haul trash in...last year, we had some nice prerunners loading up with junk, also a golf cart that made some impressive trips with trash...along with race vehicles and a few new suv' bring what you can...:) The 11 Brothers are bringing their 11 car out again with their dump truck...which is very cool of them.

We will be camped at S/F late Friday night...and ready to go Saturday.

Hope to see as many of you out there that can make it.


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Hey guys I hope Im not to late to help out. Could anyone tell me the date of the clean-up Id like to do my part Thanks!


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Clean up is this Saturday, October 20...Start/Finish...(Outlet Center Drive)...official start is 9am.
Party (free beer!) / BBQ (Yummy food) and Raffle (neat-o stuff) at Slash X.... We are also showing the Awsome DezertPeople Video (lots of big air)!!!!


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OK, truck it is. Time to clean out my own trash from the bed anyway.....

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The Poolman and I are proud to announce our participation in the desert cleanup again this year. Poolman will travel about 3 hours to my house then we will make the trek to Slash X together from my house, which took us approx 6 hours last year. A total of almost 9 hours drive time for the Pooldude.

We will be camped out back of the Slash X in the Poolmans camptrailer. As you can imagine we will arrive quite late on Friday night but we hope some of you dezert warriors will be around when we arrive about midnite.

Looking forward to doing our part with other Dezert People!

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We look forward to seeing you again Junior and Mr. Aguaman.. er poolman himself =-)

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Also, We have a sponsor that will give $100 to the club with the most attendees at the Clean up =-)

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OK anyone who races in the desert, be it in a 4 wheel vehicle, a motorcycle, or a bicycle, whatever, YOU or a REPRESENTATIVE FROM YOUR TEAM must show up at this Desert Clean Up. C.O.R.D.R. has been working all year to put this effort together for the benefit of EVERY desert racer in the industry. We have worked very hard to put this all together and CONTINUE to have good relations with the BLM and the other government agencies that are working to shut us out of the desert we all love so much. You can show THEM just how much you care by showing up. We worked wonders at the last clean up and this year is going to be at least triple the turn out as last year.

We are providing many incentives to those that participate (T shirts, raffle prizes, etc.) and many, many FINE SPONSORS have donated money to help us put this clean up on and they have donated GOODS to be raffled off to YOU in a separate raffle for which tickets can be purchased (the money will go to pay the bills of putting on the clean up). We are a non-profit organization working to benefit ALL DESERT RACERS!

Please show your support by coming out this Saturday. We will be set up at the Outlet Center exit Starting Line area. It is not too late to send a donation or sponsorship (see address below) or you can bring cash, check or money order to the clean up. THANK YOU for both taking the time to read this long post and THANK YOU in ADVANCE for your assistance.

Sheryl Cannon, Treasurer
536 S. Second Ave., Suite E
Covina, CA 91723
[email protected]"][email protected][/url]

Your donations are tax deductible. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, The Staff of the Coalition of Off-Road Desert Racers (C.O.R.D.R.)



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Where will the beer located?I need to reserve a place for my Trophy Trailer?Look for my pole,poolman



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Hey Gang, I will be out there this weekend along with some CORE pit folks
I have already meet a lot of cool people through this site, im looking forward
to meeting more!
See ya there

BTW, i won a FM radio at last years raffle, & the BBQ was great, so everyone get out there!


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We do have some fine sponsors and lets give them a little plug shall we?

Donahoe Racing Enterprises
Desert Tool
MD Racing
Dusty Times
Slash X Cafe
Off-Road Expo
Jim Price Racing
JE Pistons
Tom Willis
Miller and Cannon CPA
Tony Barazza
Ntense Tees
Terrible Herbst
Hunter-Kennedy and Assoc
Hernquist and Assoc
Camco Fab
Camburg Eng.
Deaver Springs
Desert Disposal
Telcom/Motion Tire
JG transwerks
BITD Racing
Sign Pros
T & J's off-road center
Racers Only
Cycle Parts West
11 Brothers Racing
Terrie Tavis
Haul Ass Racewear
Ford of Orange
Maynards Cars and Trucks
Inland Prerunners
Fastline Films

And thank you to all who have stepped up to help and provide assistance where needed. I need to thank Ann Donaldson, Sheryl Cannon, Eric Record, Tony Campbell, and TIm Lindsay for all of their help, it has made my job sooo much easier =-)

And thanks to all who will show up and those who support us however they can.

Paige Donahoe

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Krittro Campbell
I would also like to know where the beer us goign to be at. Can't have a day in the desert without beer!


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