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Kritter...Your comment about IP being "too good" to clean up the desert was just mean. We have worked hard at several cleanups over the past couple years and the reason we (Greg & I) weren't at this one was simply due to the fact that I needed a weekend off before we go busting our asses in Barstow over the next two weekends marking and picking up the MDR course. Greg & I and assorted other IP members have volunteered many, many hours after almost every MDR race for the past two seasons picking up markers, shredded tires, caution tape, various truck and buggy parts, and other trash from the courses to help ensure that little evidence is left in our deserts that the races even took place and helping to ensure that permits are granted for races in the future. I'm sure if you were aware of the dedication we have shown to the sport of desert racing and in keeping the high desert clean since we formed our group you never would have made that comment. So, I'm not going to harbor any grudges. We are way happy that OCD II was a success and we'll definitely be there next year. We have over 160 members and although Greg & I weren't there I know that a lot of the members WERE. By posting info on the cleanup and passing out flyers at all our functions over the last few months I hope we helped to get some other people out there, too.
Everyone is welcome to meet up with us at start/finish Sunday morning after the next race to help clean up the course (bring trash bags). We'll also be out in Barstow this Saturday at 7:00 AM to mark the course and as usual everyone's welcome to come help!
P.S. Is this the same Kris that recently purchased a new prerunner??? If it's the truck I think it is (or even if it's not) we sure hope you will come out to some of our meetings!

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Gee, looks like someone beat me to what I was going to write............

I was going to say how nice it was to see you at the cleanup, Jen. But I know, you're too busy for us. Besides, you were too busy trying to get everyone to come to your own little get-together. It's okay Jen, don't worry. None of us think your any less of a desert chick because you were to busy/tired/lazy to come help. I guess we all prioritize our lives a little different. I may not have anything to race, and I may not have made it to the races much this year, but I sure as hell made sure I would be at the event(s) that made a positive impact for the off-road racers.

There's a few other people that probably could have shown up but were too lazy/busy/whatever. But ya'll know who you are....... I think Pat Chicas (and crew) could have come out. But I know he's such a busy man too. Heaven forbid he come clean up trash with us. It's not like he didn't know it was happening or anything.

I do want to thank EVERYONE who did come out to the clean-up. You guys & gals did an awesome job! I was amazed that ya'll picked up so many darn fridges and stoves! I don't think we could have packed anything else in those dumpsters if we tried. YOU ALL ARE GREAT!

And to my new friends............. shut the heck up, I don't look like a teletubie in my pj's!



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Thanks for the pics Eric and your help yesterday. I have been sleeping most of the day and woke up for just a bit to see what was/is going on. I want to thank the entire CORDR crew for their help and dedication for this event. It took a tremendous amount of work and effort but it came off great and we were successful. 169 people signed in, but we did have some cleaners who never made it to the sign in area but 169 ain't bad. We delivered 26.7 tons directly to the dump with the help of Matt and MD Racing and their dump truck bringing in the most. We filled up the roll offs at start/finish by 2 pm, since they were donated we could only get three - But I am sure that Tim will work on it again for next year. We figure depending on how much space was taken up by large object we collected anywhere from 56.7 to 92 tons of trash - one dumpster alone was filled with recyclables. Of that total about 50 pounds was camping, racing or user related. We actually didn't even have to clean the race course this time as much, as it was pretty clean, people started heading over behind the collage to get trash and boy howdy, trash they found. Refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, water heaters, beds, doors, you name it. No cars this year - we had three last year. Not as much porn as last time either - some were disappointed at that. We found a Taliban Cruise Missle - Bottom Rocket, all sorts of stuff.

We handed out two prizes for the most interesting items found. A Larry Pearson Cut out was found by Robert Stapp and a Dumping Prohibited sign was found by Poolman and Junior. And yes Khris did when for biggest load - I was surprised he could actually drive that thing. We also gave prizes to the crew from MD racing for all their efforts with their dump truck and the 11 brothers team for bringing out their dump truck again as well.

We had the full support of the BLM yestersday and they really do appreciate what we do - it does help and we do make a difference. Rose, our volunteer coordinator had to run interferance for us with the dump and we sure do appreciate her help. They also supplied a lot of tools for us to borrow. They report all of our efforts in reports to the state director and it shows that we do more than just use the place,we take care of it.

I also want to thank Terrie Tavis for coming all the way from Northern Cal and loaning us the projector for the showing of the movies. Eric Record and Blake Monk drove all the way from Henderson NV, Poolman and Junior were out from Arizona and Norm Lenhart also made a showing from AZ. I also want to thank Blake who put up a $100 award to the group with the most members - CORE won that award.

As for the comments to IP, I am sorry that they had an event scheduled yesterday, but schedules do often conflict and some of their members were able to make it out and give us a helping hand. IP does help out MDR quite a bit and should be applauded for that and they do help us promote and get the word out. As for ORC, Fidel was scheduled to come out, but he must have been at FUD's race - I'm sure that Pat will give us some follow up press to support the cause.

We just appreciate those people that came out to clean, make a difference and join us for our get together afterwards at slash x and the support of all of our sponsors and those who wished they could be there but just couldn't.

Kevin Davis won the radios, Jeremy Lindsay won the bender (both were there) and Though this person has a message on his answering machine - this person came out and cleaned did his part, bought some tickets and then went home or to the IP event but he won the gift cert to Donahoe Racing - Gary Graven - Congrats!

Okay - I'm getting tired again - I'm going back to the couch.

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Danihoe, you might as well add me to your list of people who didn't show up because I was "to lazy/busy". I guess since you made it out there everyone else should have too. I've known Jen and Greg for a little while, although we don't know each other all that well, I think your personal attack on them was uncalled for. Why don't you praise the people that came out for the event a little more instead of finding the little stuff to bitch about? Why is it when something good is done for the off road community somebody has to find something negitive to bitch about. I don't know you Danihoe, and frankly, I don't want to. To everyone else, I apologize, people like that just rub me the wrong way.

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11 Brothers did , And would like to THANK ALL THE PEOPLE that did show up . this is our 3rd clean up to show up and help out so my kids will have a place to go like i do. rory you make money off people in this sport think about it . danihoe well said .Thanks Dennis


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Ya know neither did Ivan, Walker, Dave ashley,Mark post,Jeff Quinn, Brady helm, deamen Jeffreis, Lonnie Helmbolt, Any on the Baldwins, Bob Gordon, Robby Gordon, any of the Mcmillins,any of the Herbst,ronny Wilson,Doug Fortin,Brian Collins,Danny anderson,Ron Brynt,Pat dean, Scott stienberger,Criag Turner, ECT>ECT>ECT> But 169 people who love the desert (and had a free saturday) Came out and had a blast.... You guys are all Fricken studs. And it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling about our sport and the people who are involved in it. I have had more fun at these clean ups then at any race.... Frank thanks for the Radios... Now Kevin Davis can Radio to his Crew when his motor blows up... ((just kidding Kevin)... And Rory the Art work on the shirts Looked Great.... Paige is doing it agian next year so hope to see more and more every year...



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Well said Kreg. We all do our part when we can. lucky for us there are people like Paige, Ann, Tim, Sheryl and the rest of cordr that do more than their share


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My kids and I had a good time. We picked up trash, found and watched a snake (from a distance), checked out some lizards and met some really nice people. I only got to see you (Kreg) in passing. I am disappointed though. I was sure that I had two of the winning tickets in my possession. I mean after all I already had two projects built with that bender and I had a to do list for Kreg. I guess I will just have to do it the old way (work more hours and earn more money). Thanks Paige for all your hard work and the work of your staff. Instead of bashing on those that did not attend, encourage them to attend next time and to be extra good about picking up after themselves when they are out there. The fact that so much trash was picked up is a very good thing but a very bad thing as well. Not that it was picked up but rather that it was out there to be picked up. I don’t think much of it came from racers though. I know that when I go to a race I don't have enough room for those big spendy disposable coolers. hahahaha

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The lack of visable big names is why I tossed out the proposal of getting the sanctioning bodies to put up points for each clean-up. The reality is that professional racing is a business. If there isn't an upside to a clean-up effort for their sponsors they'll have a hard time justifying being there, even though they know it's the right thing to do. I think that this is where significant media coverage (for both the effort and the pro racer's sponsors) and race points will help tip the balance. Not to mention most of them are now eyebrow deep in working on their next hairball double throw down super trick race rig for the next go-round.
Can you just imagine what a Herbst or Collins or Baldwin etc. purpose built clean-up rig might look like ? I know I can hardly wait. Somebody inspire them........

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It was great to see all the folks that showed up for the clean up. I didn't get to stay for the bbq so I didn't get a chance to meet too many new people but I had fun just the same. It strikes me as odd that only the off-road community seems to realize that the trash problem is not due to racers but primarily due to the local residents who use public land as a dump. This, despite the fact that the public dump is within a mile or two of where they choose to put it. I did make a lap around the coarse and on the access roads but most of what I found there was bottles and cans, likely from locals who hang out and party out there. How many racers/chasers have you seen with bottles in their coolers?

Rory, the shirts are great, thanks. Thanks to all of the CORDR folks for organizing this event. Thanks to all the sponsors who donated money to help or materials for the raffle. This kind of event would never become a reality without people like you.

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My son and I had a grat time helping at the clean up good to meet some new faces. Did see a turtle and got to talk to my son about different things in the dez. (to busy to do this during a race). Filled the Ranger 5 times and only turned the truck into a basket ball once (hurt my head) glad no one was watching.
No time to bash, I know lots that wernt at this event but do lots for our sport. If they happen to fill guilty about missing this one (as I did last year) there is always next year and the Jack Waldron clean up on March 24th.


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What about holding next year's clean-up on the Sunday after MDR's November race? Hundreds of racers/spectators will already be there and most should be willing to spend a few more hours out in the desert hauling trash. Obviously most of the trash being picked up during the clean-ups is local trash. Having grown up in the high desert I know there has always been local dumping, but when the dumps jacked up prices for non-land OWNERS more trash started appearing in "the middle of nowhere." The mentality is apparently, "Why should I pay to dump trash when I can just dump it off this dirt road???" Does anyone know if the Barstow dump offers free dump days (they should) like on a monthly basis? If so, are there any local groups who are making sure residents know about them? Also, I don't remember there being any "No Dumping" signs and fine warnings in the area by the college that people have adopted as the free dump area. Signs out there that listed Barstow's free dump days might dissuade some people from dumping there again (I'd be happy to make signs if someone can find out if they're even allowed to be put up). This is a problem that should be being dealt with on a local level, but whatever efforts are being made there aren't enough. What about a big campaign with the local schools? If kids come home with information about how much trash has been hauled out of their deserts in the past year along with info on free dump days it could make a very big impact. Especially if it was done as a free assembly (like if a couple racers would bring their cars out for display and there was a speaker letting the kids know how important it is to keep the deserts clean). High school volunteers could go door-to-door giving people that same info. And/or they can make signs to put around town with dump info. I'd be happy to help with organizing something like that. As for all the refrigerators people leave in the desert, dumps charge extra to leave a fridge, and again, the mentality is "Why should I pay???" Most dumps won't take tires or batteries either. I think if it was easier/cheaper (or free) to get rid of all the crap being left in the desert it would definitely help. Is there a Barstow-based group that CORDR has been working with that could help? I certainly don't profess to have all the answers, but it seemed a waste to not share some of these ideas.

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So, we had 169 people sign in. Yes, that's a good turn out. But............. if there was a race, the turn out would have been at least 5-8 times that. I just think that more people need to participate in events like this. Sure, ya'll can go race, ya'll can bring out your toys for the weekend, but it just seems like when there's an event such as a clean up, suddenly people need a weekend off or have something else to do. I know there's a hell of a lot more than 169 people that will be attending the next race. And they'll make every excuse known to man to get out of whatever else they should be doing just so they can go to the race. For the people that had to work and couldn't get out of it --- that's understandable. But for the people who didn't feel like cleaning up, who just wanted to sit home and do nothing.... That just sucks. It's shows how much you care.

I know that a lot of the racers are getting their race cars ready for the next race, that's great. There were several teams that sent a part of their crew out to clean up while the other part of the team stayed home and worked on the car. That was cool. There were some kids that stopped in to clean up for a few hours on their way to Lake Havasu. They could have just went straight to Havasu, but they didn't. I was very impressed!

I just think that people need to get more involved. Both spectators and race teams (big and little). Maybe some of the off-road clubs could make this one of the events they attend --- instead of planning an event on the same day. Hmmmmmm, there's a thought. CORE won the $100 prize for the club with the most members present at the clean up. !!!Kudos to CORE!!!!

I just think that more people need to get involved! Especially the ones that frequent the desert!

The 169 people that showed up on Saturday kicked some serious butt! And I must say, the chicks that showed up --- you girls all rock! I don't think I heard one "It's too hot" "My make-up is running" -- none of that! Thanks to all of you!

Thanks to all who sponsered the event.

And to everyone who didn't do anything ---- we really hope you show up next time. Get involved! We need you!



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I would like to start by Thanking everyone who made it out to the clean-up this last Saturday. You are all great people and should feel very good about yourselves. I got to meet some really great people, Thom (ntsqd), Terrie Tavis, Kris (kritter), Dillion (Sway-a-Way), Poolman, Junior, JC Andrews and all those I didn't catch a name. Every person I meet out there was first class!

As stated earlier CORE had a great showing , Thanks guys. I heard that the 11 Brothers with thier flat bed (donated by Guy Evans) teamed up with MD racing with their dump truck and bobcat to remove tons and tons of trash! You guys rock. John B. was out there picking up trash with Big Matt from S&S racing. John hope you didn't get in tooooooo much trouble for scatching the paint... There were a good amount of families with children and that is great to see. I remember when I was young that when breaking down camp it was us kids job to clean all the trash from in and around the camp. Now I am helping to organize clean ups. So to all the parents that brought your kids to the clean up, Thank you and you can feel good knowing you are instilling good values in your children. And to all the people I have not mentioned. Thank you!!!!!

To all that didn't make it out. Don't be to quik to snap back at someone who out of frustration has put you down for not helping out. You do need to re-evaluate your priorites. If you helped out by sponsoring the event then you did something and you should feel good. If you did nothing then you should feel like crap and I hope you plan to redeem yourself next year. I don't think some of you understand why some of us are so frustrated. If you knew how much begging and pleding CORDR has had to do to get what little backing we got. That is totally lame! We are working very hard all year long to fight off land closures and we do it for free! I have spent 3 Saturdays this year at meetings alone that is not including all the time I have put in to CORDR. So when you see my truck and wonder why its not done, you now know. I am not mad about the majority not showing up. I am very sad. You see I have been going to the desert since I can remember and it is what I love! And I am not about to just sit by and watch it be taking away. Things are changing in our favor but we still need a hard push from everyone in the off-road community.

I agree for events like the clean up to have an impact on the publics view of off-roaders we need major media coverage. So how do you supose to make this happen when a only 169 people show up? It won't. But if we could get a couple thousand out then it just might be posible. You say WOW thats a lot of people! Well exactly, but isn't that what the news guys are looking for? A WOW story..... So what do you think everyone, are we going to make next years clean up news worhty?

Jen and Greg, I was and still am very disappointed in your choice to throw a party on our day. I also would like a weekend off. But I think you need to sit back and consider the influance you have over they younger crowd of the off-road scene. I think you have a great thing going and want you in the off-road family. Fine if you don't want to show to the clean-up. Yes you do do a lot in the means of clearing the course after all the MDR races. But to, at basicly the last minute, throw a party on the same day as our clean up and draw in people that might have come to our clean up is very weak! Please handle this as a complaint by one of your members and do what any good club would do. Take it in and try and make changes in the future to please all your members. You have the power to help the off-road community in such huge ways. Don't let that slip away...

See everyone in the desert!



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Jen - we hold it on a saturday because it's alot of work and we want to give people the next day to rest. Having an all day clean up after a race would be hard. I know after a full day of racing - on sunday all I want to do is go home, rest and get ready to get back to work on monday which I rarely look forward to. I was wiped out yesterday from all that work.

There are free dump days, and you are right once or twice a month, there are no dumping signs - we found one out there, on the ground, We were trying to work with the City - we are going to see if they can schedule a free dump day the same day as the clean up; we will have better communication with them next year or for the Jack Waldron clean up - I had a meeting with the BLM and they told me a lot of contractors are big dumpers as evidenced by what we hauled out saturday. It was all from what appeared to be a rennovation - you dont find that many fridges, ovens, and other crap in one spot. The key will be finding them THe BLM coordinates with the schools and they just developed a new school presentation kit - The CDD direc tor gave me his copy of the script and stuff in case I want to use it.

We will be issuing press releases and ads in the local community and writing Postmus about the dump issues. And we can now say with the last three clean up that we hauled out potentially 200 tons of trash all from residents of the county and local communities.

We will also be putting up signs first in stoddard and then the other racing areas regarding dumping and high speed areas and we are working with the BLM on that too.

Great ideas Jen ~ thanks for the input - if you have any others let us know...

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Combining it with a race is a good idea I think.

People like to go to 'fun' events. See trucks jump in the air, see the action but when it comes to the responsible events no one likes to go. I hear people ask me.. 'so do you go to the 1000 next year ?' but no one asks about the cleanup date(s)...its like other thinks..they show up at your bbq but not the day you move and ask for help otherwise. Perhaps make it more fun and cordr did, by giving out prices, t-shirts, band or this year videos, free food etc etc.

What else should be done ? a stunt show after the cleanup ? Free Trophy Truck co-rides sponsored by big red ?

I personally fully respect everyone's decision to do other things that very same day. Or take the weekend of. That doesn't make them bad people at all. Perhaps they helped otherwise by donating money or they are the ones that clean up on other days. Everyone has there valid reasons and who could possible make a judgment on it ?


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Jen you do have some great ideas. CORDR's purpose is to educate and Jen if you would be willing to help that would be great! We sure could use all the help we can get.

And I forgot to mention in my last post. To anyone that thinks Dani was out of line you just need to shut the F-up. Dani kicked major butt unloading the trucks as that came in. I don't think I saw her stop for more then maybe 2 mins all day. Most times she could be found up on the piles of trash in the roll offs packing it in so more would fit.

And to the other CORDR crew members: Sheryl, Paige, Ann, Tim you did an awesome job! I am very happy to be part of the group.

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Tigger, First off you dont need to tell everyone to shut the f* up. Dani was out of line. This is not DesertRacer, She does not need to come on here and personally attack anyone. Rory is right. Find a positive from the day not point out the negative. Jen and Greg do a whole lot for the sport. Dont get on the people that did not show but thank the ones that did make it.. This bashing needs to stop now, I will not have this board turned back into the old one.. Consider this the warning. The page has been great up until now.