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Barstow Clean Up


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Steelers suck!Raiders rule.See you at the 1k



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Why don't we get back to the matter at hand - we had a clean up and a bunch of people showed up and not just to go to the party after, but to clean and feel good about it. We had a bunch of sponsors who supported the cause and provided us with goods, services and donations and we have still the support of many who want to do what they can to help, but maybe couldn't attend but have offered their help and support in other ways. We were able to raise some funds and raise awareness and have a good time doing it and in the end that is what counts.

This is some of the ideas that are being kicked around as we move into the future:

1. Put up high speed zone markers at the three so cal desert racing locations. (an idea fully supported by MDR) I have already approached the BLM in Barstow about this and they think it is a great idea.

2. I spoke with FUD about participating with his clean up next year.

3. I have spoken to Blake Monk Vegas Valley 4 wheelers about participating in his clean up next year.

4. We have been talking about posting signs at the access roads in stoddard, johnson and ridgecrest to teh courses that "this area is protected by CORDR." and then maybe offer an award to anyone who provides information to the arrest and prosecution of those dumping.

5. I have spoken with the BLM about launching an ad campaign to the local area and possibly the CDD regarding dumping in the desert. We make hook up with the rest of the OHV clubs and have them help pay for it, but the goal is to get the cities to pay for it.

6. I am still an executive director with CLORV and work with all the other OHV clubs on the issues facing us in the dez.

7. For the clean up, I developed a coloring book that we passed out to the kidlets about respecting the desert and responsible off-roading, this may be something that we can mass produce and issue to schools.

8. CORDR will be a part of a meeting with the state director of the BLM.

9. CORDR is a part of on-going meetings with the BLM.

10. Some of our left over funds will go to other OHV orgs to help pay for legal fees.

11. I have been helping out with issues that some of our sanctioning bodies have been facing and have gotten involved as an intermediary here and there between them and the BLM. I take their issues to meetings or through phone calls and make sure they are represented.

12. We'd like to expand and have coverage in NV and AZ.

13. We are trying to figure out how to run a membership program. I have contacted ASA, CORVA and SDORC to get their thoughts.

14. Klaus and Eric are going to be working on the web-site to spruce it up

15. We are going to be starting a newsletter - the first receipients - all viable addresses from this and last years clean up - once Klaus gets the signup page ready - then that will also be a way to sign up.

16. We are going to help out Bill markel with his clean up in march.

17. With the help of CORVA, Cal4Wheel and other OHV clubs, I have been introduced to and have forged some good relationships with several reps in the BLM.

18. follow up press and ads will be issued regarding the clean up, the volunteers and the sponsors.

19. Lastly - and this is a lofty goal - we want to try and plan an end of the season - CORDR off-Road World Chamionships possibly at Glen Helen. Again lofty but if we could organize that - we could make it like Riverside used to be - only we'd take the champions from all the different series and have them go head-to-head. Maybe we could do it?

So that is what is in the future - lets all look ahead and see how we can move forward, get bigger and make an impact.

Thank you for the continued support of our volunteers and sponsors - obviously with out you, we couldn't do this. Looking forward to what we can do, together we can make things happen.

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Early in the day I teased Dani about getting dirty. She didn't even slow down enough to tell me to go pi## up a rope. :)

Wayne, sorry to rope you into shoveling all that roofing. I really didn't realize just how much was there. (Two mini truck bed loads)

BradM, I think we could have spent all day hualing loads from just that shot up spot in the College hills.

Mike McClusky, If you and your son are the pair I talked to near the end of the day at the western most dumpster, you've opened a can of worms letting your son drive. Good Luck !! Better teach him how to fix them too. ;) Starting that young I'm having visions of the next Gordon......

Tigger, when my fustration level gets to the point that it triggers my carefully controled short temper I go out back and beat the snot out of a 2x4. Calms me down, feels good - gets it out of my system, and usually, but not always makes my hands hurt.

What are these "Steelers" ? I'm new to desert racing, are they a team I haven't heard of ?

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i guess i'll have to be added to the list as well. i was in phoenix this weekend for my sisters wedding.the problem with this country is that their are to many people that would rather complain or find the negative points of a particular situation, and it is you people that will always be the ones dragging the good down.


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First of all i would like to thank every body that helped out in what ever way .and a big thank you to slash x .I would like to thank guy evans for the truck and part of our crew. not all of them could be there either .i cleaned up then left at 11oclock p m to go to my sons football game at the rose bowl in pasadena in a flat bed truck so tell me about along day . WHAT A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT this is our third clean up and there are alot of people that have not showed up or donated big names and small names. all i am doing is my part and i will keep doing it Thanks Dennis .11Brothers racing


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I guess I should have asked first, but I took the coloring book to work and made copies for my son to give his freinds at school. I hope there is no copy right problem.


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Hey everyone, sorry this post is late, but I wanted to give an update on the final numbers that we collected last weekend. After all was said and done, we all picked up 41.5 tons of garbage, of which 6.6 tons was sent to the recycler. I think that's about enough steel to build 47 Kia's! Anyway, I wanted to personally thank each and every individual that showed up or donated for this great cause. As a proud member of CORE, I want to thank all the CORE members for supporting this clean-up and winning the largest group prize. However, I have to say that the most enthusiastic group were the 11 Brothers, you guys rock! To give you an idea how much the equipment that the 11 Bros., MD Racing and Guy Evans helped with the clean-up, out of the 26.7 tons delivered directly to the dump on Saturday, these three trucks brought in 23.4 tons of it! Great job guys, and thank you.

To give you guys an idea of what we all are dealing with with the locals, I left the S/F area Sunday around 4:00. Somebody had dumped out next to the already full dumpsters (couldn't even throw it in) a 5 piece dining room set, a pile of roofing material and 3 large bags of clothes. I broke up the furniture so it would fit, and we took the clothes to goodwill. On Monday, the disposal company told me that there was a pile of trash next to the dumpsters that the driver did not pick up. I drove up there to find a matress and box spring, dresser, night table and 4 bags of grass clippings. I took this to the dump and it cost a whole $6.00 to dump. CORDR had discussed possibly purchasing a roll off and placing at the S/F area, but I think we all know who would use it.

The BLM is fully aware of this problem, but through our efforts last weekend, we have shown that we care about the conditions of our lands, and that we are willing to make the efforts needed to keep them clean and open.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped, to the members of CORDR for working together to make this deal work and to the sponsors. To those who could not attend, we hope you can make it next year. One of CORDR's goals for next year is to get the word out to more people about our clean-up and others. There is one scheduled in January in Glamis, and I believe that Fud is planning one also. For anyone who has not signed up with CORDR for future information, please visit the website, or e-mail me and I will get you on the list. We are currently discussing having a membership to CORDR, where we can send out information regarding clean-ups and land use issues.

Sorry this post is long, but we at CORDR are very proud of all the efforts put in last weekend, and as far as I'm concerned, off roaders are #1!