Barstow MORE/SNORE Race!


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<h2><blue>Good luck to all who show up to race the "KC HiLites-Midnight Special" It should be quite a race.

I Preran the course last Sat. and all I can say is that it will be one "Rough Mutha" with some changes that had to be made in the course thanks to the infinite wisdom of the BLM! the last 15 miles or so will be a real test of ones driving abilities and Seat/kidney belt technology.....also the promoters have not decided exactly how many laps the 9 cars will be running but should be 4 or 5!

Have fun and stay safe! as you probably have heard some guys in a T-Truck were hurt really bad up here in Barstow testing last week, so it can happen to the best and safest Cars,Trucks and Drivers out there!

I will again be taking pictures of all the 9 cars entered both at the start and on the course, so lets see some air so we can get a cover shot for DT. as well as some great shots for F/9 and MORE! Thanks Rob S #975</blue></h2>