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Barstow SCORE race


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I saw a sign in ORW in San Diego yesterday that there is going to be a Barstow SCORE race on the 13th -15th of July

There is no word of this on the SCORE site------------- SAL--------give us the story????


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The latest issue of Dusty times shows the Barstow race as "tentative." My personal feeling is, if you haven't heard anything substanial by now, it's probably not going to happen. I'd love to go to another July nighttime race like they had in the late 80's. Nothing was funnier than a person passing by, not familiar with what was going on, asking why so many people were watching lightning over a distant hill. When it was the lights from the cars hitting the bumps.


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This is so sad it is funny, everybody knows there will never be a another SCORE race at Barstow. (Maybe if Sal sales SCORE)