Barstow Video


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Some video we took while in Barstow a few weeks ago. No the bad weather didn't stop us from playing outside.

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Nice footage, and nice trucks make for a nice video!


Looks good Steve, about time! ;-) Can't wait to go out there again.

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Nice vid. I like the crusty song at the beginning.

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Jason, we are going to go out and do the same thing monday the 6th if you want to cruise again. I'm sure jerry would be stoked on more people going out there.


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nice rear travel shot

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not sure so far, you would have to get ahold of jerry from camburg to find out for sure but i think its going to be basically the same guys and anyone else with camburg stuff on there truck.


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I'm down to go out that day. It has taken my truck a bit longer then expected to get the thing together but I'll have it by then and I'll want to go test it out.

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