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Be Careful - Paul Gerhardt Kennewick WA


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With all the wheeling and dealing over the years we seemed to have finally gotten screwed.

I placed a WTB ad for some shocks for the Bronco and this guy texts me. Pics exchanged, phone convo and supposedly and they supposedly came off his old 12 car and they would have worked for our application. He shoots a price and I agree.

Long story short: He wants me to Western Union him: I say no and suggest PayPal as at least I have recourse, we use his Mom's PP: Mary Lipscomb. More drama in between but they finally ship and I ask for tracking info and he sends a pic with a UPS Store receipt and the tracking # is unreadable. I finally after a full day of asking get confirmation that the tracking number I guessed was correct. Issue is the # doesn't exist in the UPS system?

Back and fourth and he assures me I'll either get the shocks or my money back & he's going right to the store to get this Shiat figured out, he's kick all their arses etc... I hear nothing for 22 days then finally get a text that UPS lost them and I now have a new tracking #, which also does not work in the UPS system? Lots of other BS goes on but he has not supplied a valid, working UPS tracking #, more BS. He then texted a VM from the UPS store saying the box was at the UPS DC but empty? Again still no valid tracking # so??? I tell him pay me back or it will escalate, he pounds his chest he will fix it blah blah blah.

Nothing, no answered calls or tests so I file a claim with Paypal and his mom emails me that she is not involved and I need to deal with him she simply handled the cash. I respond via email SHE IS INVOLVED as she received the cash and I have texts etc showing all this BS and more. I then politely tell her in the email if it's not rectified, I have no choice but to file and a claim and she is involved and if this is a fraud issue she would be an accessory.

Next day he calls me while I'm in a meeting and leaves a very nice message about how dare I threaten a 65 year old woman, F me and I will get my money after he gets finished with UPS and texts me the same. He also says "I see you filed a claim with PayPal, good luck and whatever dude" + more choice BS. I text him while in my meeting: "It's very simple; I either get the shocks or my cash" I also tell him I did not threaten anyone, just simply stated fact and gave him a deadline and that the UPS issue was his problem,not mine and that in fact; his mother is an accomplice to this whole deal as received the cash on his behalf...

A lot more to it but; he is now not responding, no shocks and the games have begun. To prove his validity he sent me a screen shot of an RDC ad he had up for "Punisher Hydro Coating & Powder Painting" Kennewick WA. I've turned it all over to PayPal, my credit card company and plan to contact the authorities just because of his attitude in the whole deal.

They may be the nicest people but Paul Gerhardt and his mom Mary Lipscomb have not cleared this up. All they need to do is PP back my cash and I go away but they seem to want to play games.

PM me if you need more details: I have it all via text as I am now only responding with texts and emails so I have a paper trail... You out there Paul?


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Was reimbursed by PP Sat. Called today and they are going after them, so they are playing games... Watch out for this "supposed racer" and his companies...


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Glad you got your money back. That sucks that he tried to scam you.

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Sorry this happened to you. I have dealt with whom I assume is his brother. He was a totally stand up guy.