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Would there be a reason to not use a flange bolt for Beadlock fasteners vs a bolt and washer?

Also, seems like a serrated flange flange bolt would be even better as it would hold and not loosen because of vibration.


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Serrated flange bolts will tear up your aluminum rings. If you only planned to put them on once, wouldn't be an issue.........
Thanks again Bryan, seems you're the only one who knows anything or has an educated opinion these days around here. I appreciate it a ton.

I'll probably use non serrated flange bolts then because I just looked st the cost of replacement rings. The flange is the same OD and head height is minimally different and just seems just alittle easier to use flange bolts. Plus maybe I'll chase all threads and use a drop of blue loctite on the bolts to help keep them tight.

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Old thread, I know...but I use serrated flange heads on my walker evans beadlocks. The bolts will tear up the finish under the head (paint/PC/anodize), but other than that I havent had an issue with the aluminum getting torn up.

What wheels are you running? Walker says not to use loctite due to the potential of the inserts coming back out.