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What is the scoop on having wheels beadlocked? For example, if I had my existing wheels beadlocked, would I still be able to balance them or is it better to just buy wheels that are already beadlocked from Champion or Ultra?



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Any one qualified to properly weld the bead lock ring on, should not throw the wheel too far off balance. But unless you know exactly WHO is going to do WHAT...it would be best to buy the units already complete. I had an aluminum rim bead give out on my truck with a heavy load on it while on the freeway. This had nothing to do with bead locks and I did not crash. But I can tell you it was no joke and almost ruined my whole day! (It also shreaded an almost new tire). Stay on the side of caution not dollars.

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You could always buy fake ones! J/K A poor reference to an old thread.



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Fake ones arent all that bad for street use. You get the look you want and you dont have to put air in your tires every other day. I would run then on the Disco Bronco. That way there you dont have to worry about failure on the freeway either.. and even though it is just looks it still will make the outside of the rim stronger against rocks with a second ring bolted to it.. just my 2 cents..