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I am going to be using 1 1/2" .120 wall tubing on my rear cage, but what size should I use for my bedside mounts? Also how many dzues tabs per side I bought 5 a side will I need more? Also what can I use to bend the bedside support tubing like a pipe bender from harbor freight?



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1"x.120 for the bedside mounts. 5 per side is how many im using on my 85. 3 in the rear and 2 in the front.

Try to find someone with a JD2 bender and just pay them to bend the tubing for you. If you got a welder, then you can do the rest yourself.

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Bedside mounts will get torn off if you tear the bedside off. Particularly the rear mounts. Make them simple, easy to replace, and easy to make again. I'd use some thin wall 1" CREW. If bending has to be out sourced, I'd make two complete sets.


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Though just a thought, on my truck 5 isnt quite enough if you want them to feel solid. I have 3 in the front section and 2 behind the tires and they flex like mad. though if you go 2 all the way in the back (or relatively far in the back) then 1 at the bottom right behind the tires and then 3 up front I think that would be good.

well thats what I'll be doing anyway when Gary (like that plug "Fiber" ) and I redo my bedsides.

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