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buddy crisp

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Jun 4, 2007
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Running Springs Ca
Hello Race-Dezert readers and writers,
I have been racing desert for ten years, I have been racing my whole life. I started in quarter midgets @ 5years old and have been racing ever since. I have raced USAC midgets, sprint cars, and silver crown cars. I have raced Motorcycle flat track and TT @ the ASCOT speedway in Gardena. In desert racing have raced motorcycles (when I was a bit younger) for the last ten years I have raced in Stock Full, stock Mini SUV and stock Full SUV, class 8, Trophy Truck and this last year in Class 1. I am a very versitile racer, I drive, co-ride, DO race Prep, complete fab work, always available for prerunning Mexico and am a pretty fair hand @ Mcgivering a car in for a finish. I have been out on Course marking with both SCORE and BITD and have been out with Steinberger marking GPS courses with skulls and american flags. This year @ the San Felipe race I even ended up rooming with Curtis and Klaus. I have been around this desert racing gig for around a decade and I love just about any part of it I have been priveleged enough to have been around.

Well that is it for this post,
Have a great day n racing