Crayola Killer
May 11, 2001
RDC Crypto
Steve, congrates on your finish in the Corona TT. I'd like to thank Dave Richardson for his help at the Baja 1000 and was wondering how to get a hold of him. I was chasing for Kory Scheeler/Larry Job in car 106 when they ran out of gas at the 143 mile marker, it seems there car doesn't get the mileage it was suppose to. Anyways, I didn't have any gas but I did have a full tank in the 4 seater and was going to give him that but didn't have a hose or a gas can to put it in. On my way down the course, I ran into Dave Richardson who had just serviced your TT. I asked him if he had an empty Gas can I could use and he said yes. Well, it wasn't empty (full of fuel) and he wouldn't take money for it either. Make a long story short, We used the 5 gallons Dave gave us and pumped 5 more out of my tank into the gas can to send Kory back out. This is the kind of people that make off road racing great. Dave didn't know me from a hole in the ground and pretty much bent over backwards to help a fellow racer out. Your a lucky guy to have such a great man on your team. Also, Dave is quite the racer himself, winning the Baja 1000 Overall with you in a class 10 back in 86 I think? If you could give me a phone number or address to thank him i'd appreciate it. Thanks again in advance Steve. Rory Ward.

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