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Can anybody tell me what it takes to be a US-based vendor selling stuff in Baja. Do US-based vendors need special permits? I imagine you pay duty on everything you bring in. But how long can you stay in Baja selling stuff? Do you need an FM3? Do you have to form a Mexican partnership? Do you pay the Mexican value added tax? Stuff like that. Thanks.


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Here is the notice that every contingency sponsor should have received from Charlie Engelbart, SCORE Contingency Director;

"SCORE's information sent by the mexican government is that each employee of any company entering into Mexico to conduct any type of business, including display of product, must have, in their personal possession, a Mexican work permit (FM3) or a 30 day worker permit. The FM3 work permit requires a U.S. Passport, a small fee, and some paperwork at a Mexican Embassy. If each of your company employees does not have a personal FM3 permit, your company could be charged a per person fee of an unknown amount at the event. NOTE: This applies if you are selling product, displaying product, or simply handing out materials in a booth, i.e; CONDUCTING COMMERCE INSIDE MEXICO! All companies should have a FM3 permit or equal per person, no exceptions. Also, Mexican customs may elect to enforce existing laws, concerning importing products into Mexico."

This was also accompanied by a letter from the Director of Tourism of Baja California, welcoming us to Mexico, and asking for the support and cooperation of all Civil and Military authorities.

I hope that helps!

See you in Baja!

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