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looking to buy a new bender
What kind of benders are some of the bigger shops using? Donahoe...Camburg...


Jerry Zaiden

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The bender is $2800 for the bender with the pump and ram. The dies are $2200.


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thats not even hydrolic is it?

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after doing some serious looking around, these are all the bender sites i could find. i can't recomend any one over another cause i haven't used any of them, but after comparing em, i think i'm gonna go with the jd squared. does any body have any experience with any or all of these?
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excellent links! Thanks. I need a notcher, and its nice to know there are several options out there.

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Call donahoe they have dezert tools benders and dies also notchers. One bender is about 275 and the other is 375 and the dies are around 300 each. I would assume that the bender in the picture is hydrolic it says it has a ram and pump.



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I have the pro-tools Model 105. It works very well. Construction is very good. Price is about the same as a JD. It will take bigger dies than a JD thourgh.


Anyone have any more information on the Desert Tools benders and dies? Any info on why the dies for this bender are more expensive than the others? Even if the bender and dies are a few bucks more expensive it would save $$$ on shipping since it's local to me and I would have to drive down to Baja Concepts.