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BEST 6 cyl for a jeep racer.

I run a jeep in a off road series in Costa Rica.Currently have a Chevy 4.3 with blower and fi tech injction.I haven't quite figured out the build and am at a crossroad.What is the best 6 cyl powerplant to race.350 hp range.
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I run a 3.6 LFX in my buggy. Very lightweight motor, super common and lots of different configurations, so you can have the water come out this side, that side, mount the throttle body here or there, lots of choices. My motor came out of a 2014 Camaro but I run the intake from an Impala so the throttle body is toward the front of the buggy. I had it dyno’d and set the hp at 340 on 86 octane. Very conservative. I could easily go to 400 hp on 92 octane. I also have a rock crawler Jeep with a 450 hp AMC 401, Turbo 400, 14 bolt rear end, dana 60 front end running 38.50 boggers. An LFX wouldn’t pull it due to how heavy the Jeep is. I think in a lightweight Jeep the 3.6 would scream. Would be my choice.